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    Keeping SP3 from sleeping

    Hi, Can someone explain why I cant keep my SP3 on with the screen off when its charging? It looks like its missing power settings that I had with my SP. Thanks! Charlie
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    Brand new SP3 i7 will not charge.

    Hi, I just opened the box and the SP3 would not turn on. I plugged it and it turned on but it said "plugged in not charging" with battery at 0%. I restarted it and now it says "plugged in charging" and it seems to be charging. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I'm worried I got a bad...
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    quick question regarding reset

    I need to reset my SP. its all goobered up. What is the best way to do this? I want to make sure I get all the updates and 8.1 back on before I start loading programs. Is there a preferred method for forcing all the updates at once? Thanks guys/gals! curney
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    I broke

    I tried to out think Skydrive and I think I broke it. When 8.0 came out, the desktop app wouldnt upload everything I wanted and I added some script (not mine) to add other folders to Skydrive. Now, its a buggered up. two things are going on. First, I removed everything from the app and it...
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    Wifi Driver failure within an hour after 8.1 update on Surface Pro

    Hi, about an hour after i updated to 8.1 my wifi broke. Im getting ""This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)" in the device manager for the Marvell Avastar 350N. I got the most current driver .cab file...
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    power covers coming

    Wow! this makes my decision about purchasing the surface pro two very difficult. Surface 2 will support new Power Cover keyboard with built-in battery | The Verge
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    bluetooth profile question

    I send 10 or 15 pictures to my surface Pro every day from my phone via Bluetooth and I am wondering if there is a way to set my profile up on the surface Pro so that it is always ready to receive a file rather than having to manually select the "receive a file" option in the Bluetooth menu. It...
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    Backing up SP in case of hardware or HD failure

    Hi, I perform home inspections and I have always worried about dropping my computer or having it fail from dust or water. With previous machines I have cloned my HD once a month onto the exact same model/size drive that was in my machine so, I could just swap out the bad for the good. If the...
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    otterbox type bump case for Pro?

    Does anyone know of a case that provides more protection for the pro that is not the leather folio type? I'm thinking more like the rugged rubber cases that people put on their kids ipads. I do home inspections and love my pro but I need better protection. Thanks! Curney
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    I was able to connect my charger today in 1 try

    I did it without even really looking. I was just sort of getting it near the surface so that I could begin the process and "click" it just snapped right in. Tried it again and nuthin. Just thought I would share cause it was pretty sweet.
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    Is there a way to turn off touch but still use the pen?

    I have searched on here and Goog and cant figure it out. Can you turn off touch and just use the pen. My clients need to sign documents and the always end up touching the screen and goofing it up. Should be simple right? thanks Curney
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    Change default save location for camera?

    I can't seem to find a way to change where the camera saves photos. I would like to save them to the desktop if that matters. I don't mind using the registry editor if needed. thanks
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    $13 Charger

    I found this on ebay and I am thinking about getting it for my nightstand. Its for the RT but it should be ok for overnight right? I like to watch videos in bed and don't want to go back to the office to plug in nor do I want to spend another $80 on the official charger. Thoughts? Black US...
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    Tips, Tricks and Hacks on the Surface Pro

    I think we need a thread for tips and what not for the surface pro. Like settings, options etc. I would like to know what is working best for battery life interms of settings... I am using a little program called Start8 to get back the start button from windows 7. I like it. Anyone else...
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    Speech to text. Works very well with surface Pro onboard microphone.

    One of the major reasons that I held out for this tablet as opposed to a tablet with a lesser processor was so that I could install the full version of Dragon naturally speaking. It requires a dual core processor to work properly and the surface Pro has all the power it needs. I am posting this...
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    Windows 7 on Surface Pro

    Hi folks! I have a 6 year old Fujitsu convertible laptop which I really want to retire and would love to get the surface pro however, my company does not support windows 8 but does support windows 7. :mad: Do you think it will be possible to load windows 7 on the Pro? Im guessing if I just...

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