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    Fresh Paint 8.1 update?

    I've read a couple of articles that stated that the Fresh Paint app was updated last Thursday for Win 8.1. There were supposed to be new brushes, a new UI, and a few other features. My question is, has anyone gotten the new version of Fresh Paint? I did get an update for the app, but no new...
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    Galatic Reign, World of Keflings out...

    Two new Xbox Live games 1.Galactic Reign($4.99) 2.A World of Keflings($6.99) Also, a fighting game called Brotherhood of Violence($3.99) came out recently looks like a updated Double Dragon type of fighter.
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    Commodore 64 emulator out!

    Hey guys, Just found this in the app store, it is called Frodo. I just d/l it so I haven't tried any roms yet. It doesn't support the type/touch keyboard yet, you have to tap the upper part of the screen to bring up a virtual keyboard to type with. If you go to settings and then help it...
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    Some new games...

    Couple of new games have come out recently. 1. Rayman Jungle Run - $2.99 2. Zombies!!! - $4.99 3. Royal Envoy II - $3.99 Also, Skulls of the Shogun has dropped to $6.99(great game) and there is a nice app called App Stars which shows new releases, price drops, etc. in the app store.
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    New games and price drops

    Hey guys, There are some new games out that looked kind of interesting. I haven't tried any of these yet. I usually only play games on the weekend, so if you've tried them post a review. 1.ZOMBIES!!! - This is an Xbox Live game that is based on a board game for $4.99. 2.Dragon's Blade...
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    Apps on the SD card

    Just wondering if anyone here has set up their sd card so that they can save apps to it? I was thinking about doing this but I heard that there were problems with getting updates. I heard that you had to uninstall all apps and reinstall them so that everything is on the sd card. Any information...
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    Skulls of the Shogun out now!!

    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know that the game is available on Win RT. In order to find it, I had to search for the newest, paid games. I could not find it under new releases. Also, for a limited time it is $9.99 instead of the normal $14.99. I know a lot of people complain about the...
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    Gunstringer FREE until Monday for Win8/RT

    Just wanted to let you guys know about this deal. Also, Skulls of the Shogun will be out on Jan. 30 and will be $9.99 instead of the normal $14.99 for a limited time.
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    World Series of Poker coming soon

    Just saw an article about World Series of Poker coming to XBLA,Windows 8/RT. It will be a free game and have cross play between platforms. I haven't seen a release date as of yet.
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    Pac-Man Championship edition now on Surface

    Just noticed this was available in the Surface store for $9.99. MS really needs to get it together in terms of updating the new release sections in the store. I only found it by doing a search thru the charm bar.
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    Skulls of the Shogun on Jan. 30

    Hey guys, I was just reading about this game coming to the Surface. It's described as a turn-based strategy game, coming to Win8,WinRT,XBLA and WinPhones. It will be $6.99 for phones and $14.99 on the other platforms. Seems a little expensive, however, if it's at the same quality as a lot...