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    New Intel graphics driver

    I have the same problem with my HDPrime. I'm not aware of any working graphics drivers as it's not really a driver issue. The problem is that the internal display is not considered DRM compliant (I'm told this is an MS issue). The driver works fine if displaying on an external monitor (I've...
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    Photoshop Replacement?

    Have you tried Corel Paint Shop Pro? I use it on my SP2 while I run Photoshop on the desktop. It's a 'lighter' program but certainly meets the requirements you outlined above. There's a free trial available Paint Shop Pro X6: Download Award Winning Photo Editing Software
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    Do ALL SP2s suffer from hi CPU utilization when idle due to faulty audio drivers?

    It still feels to me that it's some combination of the SD card and the audio driver as it only happens to me when both are in the equation. You can see the interaction as it happens - reproduce the error so that your CPU is churning away and then disable the audio via Device Manager. The CPU use...
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    Password Issues - Security

    This should do the trick: Prevent User Changing Logon Password In Windows 7 | Windows 7 Password The link will walk you through restricting local account password changes using lusrmgr.msc. Although the article specifies Windows 7 the steps are the same for Win 8.x
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    HELP: How to choose a surface that fits my needs.

    I have to disagree. Coming here and asking questions is a product of 'doing the work' as you call it. After all you don't just 'stumble' across these sites without doing some searching on the webs. And where better to research the Surface family than a site with countless helpful people who use...
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    Docking Station in stock

    Not sure about how many devices you could power through the bus but you could use a powered hub which would ensure that you have enough juice to go around.
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    Waterproof cases

    I'd be concerned about heat with the Pro in one of those bags. If the fans kick on I can imagine the surface getting very hot, very quickly.
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    Docking Station in stock

    The docking station is powered. It will charge the surface when docked (unless of course you are a victim of the Dec. 10 firmware, in which case the docking station becomes a port replicator while your battery lasts). 3xUSB 2, 1 USB 3, miniDP, mic and speaker, 100 Mb Ethernet. The Ethernet is...
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    Surface Docking Station in stock

    Figured it was worth repeating this post from the SP2 forum: Microsoft docking station - N5Z-00001 - Notebook Docks & Port Replicators - I was on the cdwg site looking at rugged tablets and just stumbled across this. I called to verify and yes, they are actually in stock. CSR said...
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    Docking Station in stock

    Microsoft docking station - N5Z-00001 - Notebook Docks & Port Replicators - I was on the cdwg site looking at rugged tablets and just stumbled across this. I called to verify and yes, they are actually in stock. CSR said they have 400 or so available. Happy Holidays to your Surface!
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    Bizarre hibernation problems

    Same issues here. The high CPU was happening before the update and seemed to be tied to the audio driver and the microSD card. Upon waking from sleep the CPU would idle at around 20%, the majority being caused by system interrupts. If the SD card was not installed or if the audio driver were...
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    Mail App stupid problem

    As joeka said, you can adjust the window of time that the Mail app is set to display. The important thing to remember is that the Mail app is not deleting your messages, it's just showing you the messages from the time frame you set. All of your messages are still available either by changing...
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    Standard Exchange-In Warranty

    Yes, although I opted for the advance replacement option. Arrived in 2 business days with no problems. The dedicated Surface support center is very easy to work with.
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    Master List - Things Surface RT Inexplicably Incapable of Doing

    OP, the SurfaceRT obviously isn't meeting your expectations so I ask this question with the utmost sincerity- why haven't you simply returned it?
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    Media / Videos - Plex / Bluestack

    For a Metro media app I've been using PowerDVD Mobile
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    Monitors are really a personal choice, everyone has their favorite. A lot depends on how you plan to use it. I'm running 2 Dell ultrasharp 24" monitors and am very happy with them. Just be sure that the monitors you choose support DisplayPort 1.2.
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    where are the docs on driving external monitors on surface pro 2?

    You can certainly chain 'many' monitors off the SP2, no docking station required. To chain more than one the monitors will have to support displayport 1.2. The number of monitors you can chain depends on what resolutions you are running. Driving Multiple Displays from a Single DisplayPort...
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    Installed MS Outlook and now both this and mail are running

    There's no issue with using both Outlook 2013 and the Mail app. This goes for the Calendar and People apps as well. They are designed to stay in sync with the mail server. If you change something in one application the other application will be updated with the new information. Bottom line...
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    Looking for travel case, very specific requirements, can't find anything. Help?

    I'm very happy with this case, Mountainsmith Messenger Bag-Recycled (Pinon Green, Small): Sports & Outdoors while it has plenty of room the bag doesn't feel large. It's perfect when I bike to work. And it comes in black!
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    No hd video on YouTube

    A few things that might be worth trying: Set your preferred player on YouTube to html5 YouTube Reset IE: start desktop IE, Tools>Internet options>Advanced click Reset (requires restart) From desktop IE,Tools>Internet options>Advanced scroll down to Multimedia and ensure that "Enable...

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