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    Solved Windows Hello, am I looking at it wrong?

    I guess it's meant for convenience, not security, since it will happily log me in when presented with a picture of my face on my iPhone? So anyone could snap a photo of me and then log in as myself?
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    SP4 and Windows Hello

    Hi all, I'm posting here as the Surface Pro 4 is my only Windows device and hence I'm not sure whether this behavior pertains to this model or Windows in general. If I posted in the wrong forum, sorry in advance. I am using Windows Hello to log me in, and it works great. However, I oftentimes...
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    Weather app live tile alert

    Hi there, I'm posting my question here, as the windows forum seems to be an empty town next to this one. Beginning a few days ago, the MS weather's app live tile started displaying an exclamation mark at the bottom right. This also shows on the lock screen. I understand this is a weather...
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    Kickstand loose and rattling

    Well I knew I had it coming. My SP3 was flawless, but started developing a rattle, there seems to be something loose at the hinges. Here are a couple of videos I had made of each issue. I read the other thread on this matter but wanted to start a new one with the videos in the first post, in...
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    I must be in the minority here; zero issues with my SP3 i7

    No overheating/runaway fan, no yellow lines or light bleeding, no WiFi slowdowns or connectivity issues, no problems resuming from standby, no crashes or lockups. Every single issue I've read about here my device does not have it. Batch 1435, impulse purchase from Microsoft kiosk at the mall...