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    Where have you gone? The board isn't the same without your stupid and useless comments. You're...

    Where have you gone? The board isn't the same without your stupid and useless comments. You're the most super of all the super moderators. FO
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    Fresh Paint 8.1 update?

    Finally found it. Really nice upgrade. The watercolors are kind of neat, new brushes added, and seems to be more accurate in the way the different brush strokes are depicted. Also, the video app got a update today.
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    Fresh Paint 8.1 update?

    I've read a couple of articles that stated that the Fresh Paint app was updated last Thursday for Win 8.1. There were supposed to be new brushes, a new UI, and a few other features. My question is, has anyone gotten the new version of Fresh Paint? I did get an update for the app, but no new...
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    Commodore 64 emulator out!

    If you open the charm bar and go to settings and then tap help, you will be taken to a page with some basic instructions and a web page where you can d/l .d64 ROMs.
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    Galatic Reign, World of Keflings out...

    Two new Xbox Live games 1.Galactic Reign($4.99) 2.A World of Keflings($6.99) Also, a fighting game called Brotherhood of Violence($3.99) came out recently looks like a updated Double Dragon type of fighter.
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    Commodore 64 emulator out!

    I got the ROMs [Edit] these are .d64 ROMs and worked fine. The only problem I am having is that I can't figure out how to get games that are more than one disk to work. I really want to play Wasteland, Pirates, and Maniac Mansion but they all have a disk A, disk B file and I cannot figure out...
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    Commodore 64 emulator out!

    Hey guys, Just found this in the app store, it is called Frodo. I just d/l it so I haven't tried any roms yet. It doesn't support the type/touch keyboard yet, you have to tap the upper part of the screen to bring up a virtual keyboard to type with. If you go to settings and then help it...
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    Some new games...

    Couple of new games have come out recently. 1. Rayman Jungle Run - $2.99 2. Zombies!!! - $4.99 3. Royal Envoy II - $3.99 Also, Skulls of the Shogun has dropped to $6.99(great game) and there is a nice app called App Stars which shows new releases, price drops, etc. in the app store.
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    My experience with the Microsoft Online Store Shipping and Customer Support

    Did you contact UPS at all? I would think that they are the ones responsible, not Microsoft.
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    New games and price drops

    Zombies!!! was taken off the app store shortly after my initial post. I tried to d/l the demo and got a message saying that the game had been removed. It's still listed under the games app so I would guess it will be back up soon.
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    New games and price drops

    Hey guys, There are some new games out that looked kind of interesting. I haven't tried any of these yet. I usually only play games on the weekend, so if you've tried them post a review. 1.ZOMBIES!!! - This is an Xbox Live game that is based on a board game for $4.99. 2.Dragon's Blade...
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    Growing frustrations because daily websites that I visit don't work on Surface

    I just tried the IGN site and had no trouble playing videos. Did you just start having trouble with the site or has it never worked for you? I was kind of surprised that doesn't work, I use on Surface and just figured the main site would run as well. There is a ESPN app...
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    movies on Surface RT

    I know you said that you were going to rip some dvds but just wanted to let you know that if you rent or buy through the video app you can stream or d/l the movies to Surface. Also, MS has a couple of programs(Bing Rewards & Xbox Live Rewards) that let you earn free MS points that you can use to...
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    Graphic artifacts.

    I got the same thing earlier today. It would only do it while running apps. It started as small dots all over screen and would eventually distort the entire screen. I did a restart and everything seems to be fine now. I'll probably go on MS chat and see if this could be a bigger problem. I'll...
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    Apps on the SD card

    Do you ever help anyone or do you just go on long diatribes defending your opinion? Once again, you've added nothing to this thread. Thank you ZachBui. You should be the "super" moderator. Also, j515pop, the thread you point too was asking before there was a known solution to this problem and is...
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    Skulls of the Shogun out now!!

    I tried searching for "skulls" and "shogun" and nothing would come up. Maybe it had just become available when I started searching. Although, I had the same problem when I was looking for Pac-Man. I post a short review in the morning.
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    Apps on the SD card

    The actual process only takes a couple of minutes to setup and involves changing from fat32 to ntsf(?) on the sd card. As to why people are fascinated with this, it's because in a few months, as the amount of apps available increases, most people with a 32 GB are going to rapidly run out of room...
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    Apps on the SD card

    Just wondering if anyone here has set up their sd card so that they can save apps to it? I was thinking about doing this but I heard that there were problems with getting updates. I heard that you had to uninstall all apps and reinstall them so that everything is on the sd card. Any information...
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    Skulls of the Shogun out now!!

    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know that the game is available on Win RT. In order to find it, I had to search for the newest, paid games. I could not find it under new releases. Also, for a limited time it is $9.99 instead of the normal $14.99. I know a lot of people complain about the...
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    Gunstringer FREE until Monday for Win8/RT

    Just wanted to let you guys know about this deal. Also, Skulls of the Shogun will be out on Jan. 30 and will be $9.99 instead of the normal $14.99 for a limited time.