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    Using USB-C to charge

    Samsung makes high quality stuff. That's a good idea thanks.
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    Using USB-C to charge

    Well, I've tried the 9 watt Amazon Fire charger, and it will actually charge, sometimes. And other times it refuses to charge. So inconsistent results. I even tried my iPad charger, which has a slightly higher wattage, but it wouldn't charge at all with that one. What would be a good aftermarket...
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    Using USB-C to charge

    Thanks. Do you have the Galaxy Book with the detachable keyboard? I think all the current ones have attached keyboards.
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    Using USB-C to charge

    I tried charging my Surface Go using the USB-C port connected to a cell phone charger, and while the device says that the charger is connected, it isn't able to actually charge. I assume I need to use a more powerful charger. I'm considering trying the charger that came with my Amazon Fire HD10...
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    Noob here. I have had my Surface Go for about a year, and I have been impressed with the performance. Great device!
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    Surface Go 2 after Surface Pro X, should I switch?

    I've been surprised with the performance of my Surface Go I bought last year. I wasn't expecting much, but it has been terrific. The only con for me has been battery life. But maybe that will be improved with the Go 2? How is the battery life on the Pro X? You may want to take that into...