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    BSOD and video driver crashes

    I turned on Hyper-V (had it disabled originally since that was a supposed fix for the video driver error...) and re-enabled it, but that didn't seem to help anything. Since I have seen a few more different blue screens: INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR - this happened right after I reattached the tablet...
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    BSOD and video driver crashes

    From my searches I had assumed that this wasn't happening much to people anymore with the latest updates. Still happens a lot to me though.
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    BSOD and video driver crashes

    Anybody else been having VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR blue screens and NVIDIA display driver crashes? I get the blue screens pretty infrequently but get the display driver crashes a lot. When it starts happening I usually get about 15-30 of them in a 5 minute period and sometimes it then...
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    Microsoft Edge is part of the problem.

    I have the same problem.
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    Firmware Update 18 Nov

    I still get the strange color shift when using the edge browser. One time so far my screen went black (but at full brightness if that makes sense). Locking the computer and unlocking it multiple times brought the screen back.
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    I was loving the Surface Book, but...

    I had my first bsod today. It was different than yours but was related to the display driver. This was pre the November firmware update, which I just installed a little while ago.
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    Scratched my surface book after one week

    I just noticed tonight when in a dark room that the backlight is bleeding through the front of the display (very slightly near one corner). Coincidentally near the impact area there is a little bit. There is also some near the bottom right corner. I have read elsewhere online of people...
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    Fans running at full while locked and idle

    I've noticed that the fans kick up when I'm charging.
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    Scratched my surface book after one week

    Ok so it sounds to me like my only (ethical) options are: Live with the scratch return it (it is still within the return window) and then have to wait a month+ to likely be able to get another one since they are so backordered I'll probably end up keeping it and still get the extended...
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    Scratched my surface book after one week

    Yeah those look good. The only thing I don't like about them is that they cover the shiny microsoft logo on the face of the tablet.
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    Scratched my surface book after one week

    Of course just my poor luck. I fell asleep last night with my surface book on my bed. Ended up pushing it off my bed in my sleep. I wake up to my surface book on the floor and a scratch on the outside of the tablet. Since I'm pretty sure the tablet is coated with some kind of paint I think...

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