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    Never-ending myriad of bugs

    My background: I'm a 26-year old translator. I've been into PCs since I was about 8. I vaguely remember the blinking white cursor on a white background in MS DOS, and my dad laughing at Microsoft's claims that their new systems would be free from freezes and such. Until Windows XP, which - as...
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    Got 3 Surfaces, all with light bleed + general MS bashing

    This is f....g outrageous. I got three SPs 2017 (for myself, for SO and for mum), and all of them exhibit light bleed ranging from minor to horrendous. Does anyone have a unit free from any bleeding entirely?
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    Surface Pro 2017 m3 - no Enhanced mode?

    Can any SP 2017 m3 owner confirm to have the Enhanced display mode available? My unit has the function greyed out. Same goes for a store demo unit I saw. I have all the updates.

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