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    Running android apps on Surface RT???

    So im browsing youtube and i come along this video of a guy running the full android store on his pro?The RT is probably much better for this because of the ARM Processor so does anyone think they can somehow port this over
  2. J

    How to connect an Xbox 360 controller to an Microsoft surface RT

    Edit* This also works with WIndows 7!!!!!!! Like many people alot of us have Xbox 360 controllers and we think to our selves Well unfortunately no it doesn't just install all the needed drivers and magically work once you shove the Usb in the Surfaces available port. But im happy to tell...
  3. J

    How to play Nintendo games on surface RT (snes8x)

    If you didnt know yet there is a emulator that allows you to play NES game on the Surface RT. You can play just about any of your favorite Nintendo games lag free with both on screen controls and also support for Xbox controllers (with the dongle of course). So heres how #1 Downolad snes8x on...
  4. J

    New Member from Atlanta

    Hello everyone just wanting to introduce myself. My names Kori and i just bought my Surface RT about a week ago. Im a full time student on college so this thing really is a big help. I have the 32Gb model with the touch cover and i love this thing!!!

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