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    surface making a clicking sound near glass

    Well I have noticed if I hold my surface on the top left and put a little bit or pressure on the glass I'm hearing a bit of a click sound. Nothing really seems loose but I'm wondering if that's some thing I should exchange over..... The rest seams very solid.
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    Surface pro screen brighness jumping around

    I've noticed my screen brightness changes with videos mostly. I've turned off all the settings that control brighness but its still there just not as bad. It seems like somthing to do with helping the screen get better contrast but its still annoying. Have you guys noticed this as well? I posted...
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    Touch cover muting on its own. Help...

    Well I picked up a surface pro with a touch cover on launch day and I love it, but I'm having a problem while using the touch cover it will mute the surface on its own. It happens quite often and I've read it happens with the rt as well. I called MS and they are aware of the problem and are...

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