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  1. HD_Dude

    Goodbye to the Surface Pro - and the Forum

    Hey guys, I'm out. Like many of you, I bought my Surface Pro on day one. But I'm getting rid of it. The reason has nothing to do with the Surface - a beautiful piece of hardware if I've ever seen one. And a fine machine, when used as a PC. And if they ever get more of the truly first-rate...
  2. HD_Dude

    MikeGyver Surface Car Adapter Not for Pro

    Interesting. Sounds like they made a mistake, and are trying to correct it. I respect that. That would make me more inclined to order from them in the future, if, of course, they're selling quality gear. Thanks, Russ.
  3. HD_Dude

    Outlook suddenly won't send anything to gmail addresses...

    Working perfectly here. Outlook (the program) to Gmail.
  4. HD_Dude

    Navigating the Store

    +1 It is down...but it's always been fine the other times I've been there. Should be OK soon.
  5. HD_Dude

    Cannot "pinch" screen to make easier to see

    You may be trying it with software or apps that don't do that. And unfortunately, most don't. Here's an idea: launch Internet Explorer from the start screen. Then try it. That should work. That's an example of a program (or app) that allows pinch-resizing. Try pictures. That does it too...
  6. HD_Dude

    Oh, Crap!

    Rolex. Buy once, and never again.
  7. HD_Dude

    Mu Spelinz Gud

    Recently there was a bank robbery here in DC that failed, because the robber couldn't spell. He wrote on the note 'all mona' and the teller didn't know what he wanted and turned him away. He tried again, failed again. Police say robber tried, failed to rob two banks three blocks apart -...
  8. HD_Dude

    Mu Spelinz Gud

    I didn't realize you couldn't change the title of a thread after you create it. Anyone know why? Is it a software issue with the type of forum we have here? Or is it an administrator decision? None of my business, really. But it would explain a lot.
  9. HD_Dude

    surface causing tennis elbow?

    Very nice! But the TT is not a chick car, That's the know, the one you had last year?
  10. HD_Dude

    Mu Spelinz Gud

    OK, I my nut be edkatd, but mu spelinz gud. Come on. This is in reaction to the members who can't, won't or don't care about communicating with other human beings. Try. At least try. To spell. "how to get accidentle protection" "Another New Memeber" "Got a Surface Pro 128GB with Type, but...
  11. HD_Dude

    5 in 1 Surface Adapter - Legit!

    FYI - those photos show an RT. The Surface Pro's configuration will have the adapter on the opposite side, and somewhat lower. Just sayin' Thanks for posting. They show what it truly looks like. As I've posted, it's a beautiful add-on, which works great, and it very, very inexpensive.
  12. HD_Dude

    Good Article from Paul T.

    Great read! Thanks for posting!
  13. HD_Dude

    surface causing tennis elbow?

    I would give serious consideration to your observations. I once started having pain in my knee...just the right knee. No idea why, but it hurt so bad! I finally tracked it to my 6-month old Audi TT Roadster. Turns out, being over 6 feet, the 'pivot,' when I opened the door, spun around...
  14. HD_Dude

    Windows 8 lifts Microsoft's profit 19%

    Excellent! Thank you for sharing this.
  15. HD_Dude

    Surface Pro Performance?

    I use two i7 machines, a newer Sony VAIO and a brand new Dell XPS, both with 8GB RAM. Gotta say, the Surface smokes 'em.
  16. HD_Dude

    Note taking app needed

    If you want something very, very basic...but something that spans all platforms, try Google Keep. If you've never heard of it, it's because it's brand a month. It's no One Note, and it's no Evernote, either, But it is simple, free, and works...
  17. HD_Dude

    Surface RT is a Step Forward!

    Well, it's physical design is different as you know. Thinner, and lighter. And it comes with free Office 2013, which is a huge asset. Battery would probably get me coast-to-coast. Don't care about a stylus, so that's fine too. And yes, I have a Pro. But there are times I might want to just...
  18. HD_Dude

    Surface RT is a Step Forward!

    I have a Pro, but I really, really want to get an RT too. Nothing wrong with having one of each, right? And my daughter, who is not, and has never been a fan of tablets, really liked the RT. I notice that the RT is holding its price point pretty well on, the 64GB is $599. on...
  19. HD_Dude

    Just for grins: Surface Protection Plus

    Excellent! I mean, my Surface is made of Vapor MG, a liquid metal magnesium compound. So apparently, I'm not covered. But, those folks who own the Surface Concrete, or the highly-sought-after Surface Steel, or even the eco-friendly Surface Wood, I bet they'd be delighted to hear about a...