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    Firmware 27 Jan Does NOT resolve Sleep Issues

    Hmmmm, already set. Thanks!
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    Firmware 27 Jan Does NOT resolve Sleep Issues

    How do you enable SoiX?
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    Surface Book - Black screen after sleep mode

    Damn it! Just got this this morning and even after the update. It doesn't even record as a crash in the reliability history. Just that I restarted unexpectedly. I'm dumbfounded by how many issues this machine has.
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    any hints on lte radio coming?

    Let's revisit this post a year from now. If no one wants it, then manufacturers won't be adding the feature in the near future.
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    any hints on lte radio coming?

    As I said before, a lot of laptops don't have it because intel hasn't gotten their @#@% together. If it was as easy to do as it is for tablets then more manufacturers would have done it. You're going to be sorely disappointed if you think these devices aren't going to get more mobile and...
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    any hints on lte radio coming?

    Swiping and logging in and troubleshooting the connection isn't something I want to do every time I want to get on the internet. I'm happy for you that you enjoy the exercise but its 2016 and I would rather cut out needless activities. Its why a bought a laptop that could be my work computer...
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    any hints on lte radio coming?

    Every phone I have requires me to log in, bring up that button and click on it verses just being on all the time. If lte wasn't important then Apple wouldn't be making iPads with that feature and selling it at a price premium.
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    Why does SB restart in portrait mode when connected to surface dock?

    Super annoying since it means I have detach the screen, remove surface dock plug twice! since the first time it doesn't read the power connection and finally extend my monitors again because the 2nd time you put the surface dock connector in, it disables the other monitors.
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    any hints on lte radio coming?

    Would love an lte radio. Tethering is not an adequate replacement since lte just works. No fussing around with your phone, no troubleshooting when your laptop can't see the phone wifi connection. MS and intel needs to get this in more windows machines.
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    Does anyone still get the BSOD occasionally?

    Everyday. Usually when using surface dock.
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    Anyone with 100% Functioning Surface Dock?

    I have it. Worked flawlessly. Totally worth it to just unplug and go with all your work in tow.