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  1. HD_Dude

    Goodbye to the Surface Pro - and the Forum

    Hey guys, I'm out. Like many of you, I bought my Surface Pro on day one. But I'm getting rid of it. The reason has nothing to do with the Surface - a beautiful piece of hardware if I've ever seen one. And a fine machine, when used as a PC. And if they ever get more of the truly first-rate...
  2. HD_Dude

    Mu Spelinz Gud

    OK, I my nut be edkatd, but mu spelinz gud. Come on. This is in reaction to the members who can't, won't or don't care about communicating with other human beings. Try. At least try. To spell. "how to get accidentle protection" "Another New Memeber" "Got a Surface Pro 128GB with Type, but...
  3. HD_Dude

    Loved Avast for years. Today I ditched it.

    I've been a big Avast fan for years. Like, 8? 9? 10 years? For so many years, I loved it. Quiet, subtle, a light load on the RAM and CPU, and never, ever had any virus or spyware problems while Avast was installed. But today? I uninstalled it, because Avast had become too 'loud.' Started with...
  4. HD_Dude

    What's the First Time You Ever Saw a Surface?

    Interesting...occasional comments talk about 'love at first sight.' You too? For me, it was on a routine visit to Staples. Just boppin' around, never having even heard about the Surface. Looked over at a display, and there it was - the RT. Walked up, played with it, picked it up, played...
  5. HD_Dude

    Crazy Question: Can you Roll Back to Windows 7?

    I was wondering about this. Say you just couldn't deal with Windows 8, but you love the Surface Pro. Could you roll it back to Windows 7? Obviously not the RT...just talking Pro here. I have a fresh, legal copy on a DVD. I know I'd need an external drive to do it. But...I just might...
  6. HD_Dude

    Should we have a 'Commerce' Section?

    After seeing the flood of threads from dvdcatalyst today, and earlier ads from PavTube BluRay Ripper, perhaps the powers that be would consider having a section of the forum dedicated to these kind of ads. I like them. I think it's important for folks to know that if they own a DVD or...
  7. HD_Dude

    ReadyBoost - Totally Eliminated from the Surface Pro?

    Just for the fun of it, I opened up the properties of my 64GB mini SD card, with the intention of applying a few RAM to the ReadyBoost function. I've done that with every PC I've had since ReadyBoost was introduced. But for the first time in (my) history - I got this message: "ReadyBoost is...
  8. HD_Dude

    Update Coming for All Built-In Windows 8 Apps

    Thought the Surface Community would like to see this: Microsoft expected to update its full suite of built-in Windows 8 apps | ZDNet
  9. HD_Dude

    Question: Is it REALLY USB 3.0?

    OK...been wondering this for a while, but an experience tonight has me posting. I'm going on a trip, and wanted some videos on my Surface. Had the videos, 35GB worth, on my VAIO Laptop, Core i7, USB 3.0. Decided to put 'em on my 1TB Passport USB 3.0 external drive, then to the Surface. I know...
  10. HD_Dude

    Does Microsoft read this forum?

    Being pretty new to the forum...I was wondering. Do Microsoft people read this forum for suggestions on tweaks, bugs and apps? Has anyone here had answers to questions from Microsoft people? Or, perhaps some of the SuperModerators are with MS. Just wondering, since that would...