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    What would you change about the Surface?

    Things I would like to see: - A "reader" or "article view" on web pages. - Better organization of favorites in Metro browser - Speakers could be better, although they are bad on tablet I have used - Flash support on all web pages - More video formats supported
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    Nook app is finally here!

    This is my only "deal breaker" app that Surface didn't have. I have not tested it but at least it has been released.
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    Scroll to top of web page?

    You are using Chrome on a Surface? I too would like to know if there is a gesture or shortcut to jump to the top of web page.
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    Zinio Magazine app

    Zinio app is available for Surface in the USA but the app has problems. I and other Surface users have problems opening magazine subscriptions. Promotional magazines will open but purchased magazines crash the app. I have reported this to Zinio.
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    Update: I went to the Zinio website via my desktop computer and was able to reset my password. I went back to the Surface and was able to open the app and login successfully. Yeah! I bought a magazine, tried to open it and got the message "An unexpected error has occurred. Please make sure you...
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    First I had trouble with Zinio crashing before it fully loaded. I uninstalled and reinstalled and then it stayed open. I tried to log into my Zinio account and it said I had the wrong password, which seemed highly unlikely because I have it written down. So I used the "forgot your password"...
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    It is disappointing that Surface doesn't appear to have a magazine app that works. Reading books and magazines is a primary function for a "media consumption" device like Surface. A friend wants to buy my iPad but I can't give it to him until the Nook app comes out and only if it actually works...
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    Are there any apps currently available that let your read magazines? Amazon's Kindle won't display magazines. I can't get the Zinio app to work. There is no Barnes and Noble Nook for Windows RT. Any other options?
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    First Bug I've found: Notification sound corrunption when screen is off

    I didn't realize it was notifications that was making it do that. I wonder if it still does it if you set the screen to not go off.
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    My impressions

    Having had enough time to play with my Surface I thought I would share some impressions. Some things have been pleasant surprises. The size is great, the weight acceptable and the screen resolution no problem at all—the reviews criticizing it were without merit. The touch cover far exceeded...
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    work-around for missing apps

    I know it is not as comprehensive but for looking at updates I like using the "People" app included in Windows 8 better than the Facebook website.
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    Pocket app equivalent

    Thanks! Latermark is just what I was looking for.
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    Citrix App

    I downloaded the Citrix app and I too cannot get it to work. If I can get Citrix working on my Surface I can stop taking my laptop to work.
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    Pocket app equivalent

    I love the Pocket app, which allows you to save web pages for later and can be accessed from multiple devices. Is there a Windows RT equivalent?
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    The Wish List

    I too would like a docking/charging station but with speakers. A couple of other features that I miss from my iPad and would like to see on the Surface include the "reader" function on web pages and one-touch return to the top of the web page. I used both those features all the time.
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    Organizing Favorites

    After looking through the Microsoft help section I have found something of an answer to my question. 1) Open desktop mode. 2) Open Internet Explorer 3) Go to Favorites 4) Copy the Favorites folder to the desktop 5) Hold on the folder to bring up the options and select "pin to start" This will...
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    The Official "I've Got My Surface" Thread!

    FedEx website said it would be delivered Friday at 10:30 am and the truck pulled in my driveway at 10:28 am. I was very impressed! So far I am having fun learning all the functions of the Surface. Very pleased so far!
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    My Favorite Unexpected Thing About Surface

    A kick stand seemed like a minor thing but now that I have the Surface I am surprised by just how useful it is, especially when combined with the keyboard cover. I also like the onscreen keyboard, particularly the numeric keypad layout. I didn't expect the keyboard cover to have the textured...
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    Sound Dock

    An accessory I would like to see is a good speaker dock that also charges the Surface. I have one that I use with my iPad and it is very handy. The dock needs to be in landscape orientation for watching movies. I hope third party vendors are working on this.
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    Organizing Favorites

    How can I organize favorite websites with Explorer? I had various sites organized into folders but now they appear in one long row and are difficult to find.