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    No Touch Cover Sound

    I had the exact same problem. It seemed to go away after connecting and disconnecting the touch cover a couple of times.
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    WiFi Issues after February Patch Tuesday

    Hi all, I have just upgraded my Surface RT 32GB to the latest updates (February Patch Tuesday), and now my WiFi no longer works properly. It will sometimes connect and work for a short period of time, but it always drops out (and goes to 'limited'), often while trying to load a web page...
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    Slight Bowing in Plastic Around Camera

    Hi Everybody. Had my Surface for about 3 weeks now, and it's a fantastic device. However it's not without its problems (bring on the next patch tuesday!) - but it's been getting better with every update. My issue is with the piece of black plastic at the top of the Surface where the camera...
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    Loose volume rocker on surface

    Now that you mention it, mine rattles as other people have discussed - I swear it wasn't like that before! Also I think it makes much more of a louder harsh click noise when you press the down volume button.
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    Angle of the Kickstand

    Yes, I reckon the trade off was worth it. I've noticed that it tends to be a little too steep often - but that's definitely not a real issue. Ideally I think there should be two angles - a steeper one, and a shallower one, provided it is implemented well. But as above, it's not a big issue...
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    Anyone Have These Issues (List)?

    I have had issue 2. In regard to issue 4: Have you tried enabling Loudness Equalisation/Bass Boost? (You do this by going to the Desktop, right clicking/tap-holding on the speaker in the bottom right, 'Playback devices', click on 'Speakers', 'Properties', 'Enhancements', and then enable the...
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    Anybody Else Feels the Touch Cover Needs a Cover?

    I can understand the difficulties ArnoldC faces - I live in New Zealand, so I'm really hoping that nothing goes wrong. I used a package forwarder in the US, so if I have to send a defective item back/replace touch cover it'll take me many weeks, and shipping costs to get the item back to NZ.
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    [Poll] If You Bought the Surface, What Continent Are You In?

    New Zealand! I'm in the process of importing it from the US.
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    If you could do it again... 32 or 64?

    While I haven't received my Surface yet (damn postal service), I would still purchase the 32GB version, as there is the room for expansion via the micro-SD card slot - you can even plug in an external drive if you have to!
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    Lousy Video Playback

    If you do want to convert your videos, I'd recommend MediaCoder - it's free, and converts without restrictions or watermarks. The MediaCoder iPhone Converter will easily convert to MP4s which can be played.
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    Just Curious: What are the users of the forum like in terms of technical know-how?

    Hi, Just curious about what the users of this forum like in terms of technical knowledge. Often I've found it's the more computer-literate that are keen about the Surface over the iPad? Do you reckon this is the case? Is Windows RT too confusing for your everyday consumer. Personally...
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    First Boot - Things to Do

    Hm, from my knowledge of Windows 8 in general, I don't think it would break anything... it would just mean if something (software related) was broken it may be a little harder to trace down, due to there being a lack of logs (although if that situation occurred, you could probably enable it...
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    First Boot - Things to Do

    In that case, I think I'll just use it normally! Hopefully I'll be fine. :)
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    First Boot - Things to Do

    Hi, So I'm a soon-to-be surface owner, with my 32GB Surface RT w/Touch Cover arriving in New Zealand within the next couple of weeks. I've found this forum to be very interesting, but I'd just like to see if I can compile some information. When you first turn it on, what are all the of the...
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    Surface AC Adapter

    Thanks for that! I'm importing one to New Zealand from the US, and I wanted to know whether it would work here! Only 7-11 working days to go :)
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    Surface AC Adapter

    Hi, Can anyone confirm whether the US plug pack for the Surface works on a 220-240V power supply? Cheers
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    [GIVEAWAY] Surface with Windows RT

    I'm looking to use it at university next year for lectures/notes etc
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    Size of Surface Box

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a Surface, but I live in a country where it has not been released yet. Can someone please advise on the size of the physical shipping box that the surface (+ touch cover) came in? I'd also really appreciate knowing the weight as well, but I'd be happy with the...

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