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    When is Surface getting new Apps!

    When are these surface units going to get new apps! This is turning into a crutch for the success of these thing. There should be hundreds hitting the store every day, but you wait a week and look and still nothing worth while. It's getting a little frustrating!!
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    is there a way to print from RT

    I have a printer on my home network, hooked up via network connection. Is there a way to set up the RT so I can print from it?
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    Strange Bug

    Trying to post to this forum without using the type cover and using the keys on the Surface, you can't. Try this remove the cover, then try to post, the screen keyboard pops up, then disappears. Real Strange. Anyone else have this issue?
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    Picked up New RT

    Well I went to the MS store today to pic up an RT today. The kid said today he was able to sell me the 64gb model without the touch pad. Great I said and wanted to to get it with the type cover. He tried to ring it up and no go, so I am stuck with the 32gb model. I figured that I will play with...
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    Windows RT and WHS

    Hello, Looking to buy a Windows RT and was curious if I could use it to connect to my Windows Home Server and stream recorded shows that are stored on my WHS but was recorded from my Media Center PC. Thank you

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