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    SP4 switches itself on

    I had this issue previously, I eventually had to have mine replaced. It would boot up and UEFI screen randomly.....
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    Mouse jumps to the upper left corner

    I just called into technical support, went through their steps and they determined the need to replace. Had a credit card hold the advancement replacement and I think I had it in a day or two.
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    Mouse jumps to the upper left corner

    So I had a similar problem and they replaced my Surface. It was almost like something was causing the screen to think their was a finger or pen doing an action in that corner. Mine was the top right when it was horizontal. Mine was so bad you could actually see the little circle like the screen...
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    Best Place to Purchase

    Are you a student? Don't forget your student discount if so.....
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    New SP4 firmware out

    I guess I would try to reset, this update for me has been nothing short of awesome.
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    Turn Off Battery Drain

    Thanks, was thinking that their would be some minimal drain over time. But wanted to get a second opinion if I was thinking right.
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    Turn Off Battery Drain

    What should be the logical battery drain for the Surface Pro 4 (i5) when it is in shutdown state?
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    Solved Black screen when trying to wake from sleep

    Known bug, when you wake it up and the screen is black do a windows key + p a couple times and normally it turns back on.
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    Blue tooth mouse recommendation SP4

    I have this one, while it isn't anything fancy it seems to get the job done and fit in my travel bag well. Plus it isn't expensive.... Designer Bluetooth Mouse | Microsoft Accessories
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    Firmware Update

    NM, got it
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    Firmware Update

    Did you have to do any tricks to install them? I keep getting these are not compatible with me system when I try to update via Device Manager / Graphics Adapter.
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    Firmware Update

    Did you apply these and did you grab the one's marked latest?
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    Firmware Update

    20% of my battery in one hour with basic web surfing.
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    Firmware Update

    My feedback is that everything seemed to apply correctly. I still have the screen being black coming out of sleep. Also Battery life has seem to go in the crapper, seems like I am burning battery a lot quicker.
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    Windows 10586.71 Successfully Landed on SP4

    Not sure I want to update now.......
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    Article: SP4 & SB Firmware Updates Released 1/22/16?!

    Interesting that no updates have been released yet today.......
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    WI-FI problem with SP4

    So don't think this applies, but going to add it in anyways. I had a ton of WiFi issues originally with my SP4. I also had a TP Link router which gave me various other fits from day 1. Replaced the TP Link with a ASUS, not one problem since.
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    My SP4 Works Great

    Mine is working well as well. Still a few bugs that aren't show stoppers, but I really did expect a update this month by now to address some of them. But heading out on a vacation in about 3 weeks and its definitely traveling with me.
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    Fun Topic - Game Recommendation

    I have a 2.5 hr flight to Florida next month and looking for a gaming suggestion. I was a Halo, Doom, Quake player over my life. Any suggested games that others are playing on their surfaces that align with this theme??? I don't need the latest / best type of graphic game. Just looking for a...
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    Factory Reset?

    Ya, I tried to do one before I sent back a replacement device and got the same problem. It still boot loop when I sent it back.

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