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  1. Moonsurface

    Frequent BSOD on Surface Pro 2017

    My SP has become virtually unusable due to frequent BSOD errors. I'm getting the windows store exception I had before but also now System_service_exception and once a critical stop exception. I ran the surface troubleshooter which found nothing, but the device is doing it so frequently now I...
  2. Moonsurface

    Windows 10 Linux Subsystem

    Any users of the Windows 10 Linux subsystem here? I've just started a Masters in Bioinformatics and as part of this I need to use lots of Linux based software (and also BASH commands etc). I have been playing with it for a while and tried using various virtualbox VM's but never been very...
  3. Moonsurface

    Surface on TV

    I'm sure there used to be a "spot the surface" thread but I couldn't find it so apologies if this has already been posted. Surface devices pop up a lot on TV these days, but did anyone else notice the continuity error involving a Surface Book laptop in Daredevil season 3... Karen Page is...
  4. Moonsurface

    Unexpected store error BSOD

    I keep getting an unexpected store exception BSOD on my Surface Pro 2017. I'm not running any antivirus except defender and I have removed some start up programs as recommended on some websites. Any ideas? Where do I go to see the crash detail report?
  5. Moonsurface

    On-screen keyboard appearing white with no keys

    I have had a problem a few times in Onenote when using tablet mode that when I activate the on-screen keyboard, a white "placeholder" for the keyboard appears but it never loads the keys. What can I do to fix this? thanks!
  6. Moonsurface

    Couple of Q's about my new i5 (2017)

    So I'm enjoying my new toy so far, but I have a couple of questions that hopefully someone can help with. Both shown in the screenshot below. 1) how come my user directory is truncated as shown (not my full first name)? I signed into the computer with my microsoft account when I set it up...
  7. Moonsurface

    ummm... oops I just bought one i5 Surface pro

    I noticed on the UK microsoft store they were selling surface pro i5 256 with the signature type cover for £999... when the surface pro i5 on it's own was £1124 on a "special deal £100 off"... ummm ok then. so I clicked buy. It all happened very quickly. :eek::eek::eek::eek::Do_O
  8. Moonsurface

    Latest Surface Pro i5 vs Surface pro 3 i7

    I've been very quiet here for a long time, simply because I have had no need to be on here and no issues with my 2014 surface Pro i7 However... as I have just become a student again, the potential discoutns at the Microsoft store are tempting. I was wondering if I could/should update my Surface...
  9. Moonsurface

    Surface 3 screen not dimming

    My husband's Surface 3 has a strange problem where the screen brightness doesn't change even though the on screen indicator seems to show the slider going up and down. Auto-brightness is switched off. Anyone have any thoughts?
  10. Moonsurface

    Hello all! Long time no post.

    Just thought I'd come back and say hi. I haven't been on here for a LOOONNNGG time, part of the reason for that is that my Surface Pro 3 has been performing flawlessly and I just haven't felt the need to visit the forum as it's been so (boringly but I'll take it) efficient. Still loving my...
  11. Moonsurface

    Just ordered a Lumia 950.

    I have a lumia 930 which I love, but have been thinking of updating to the 950 for a few reasons, such as expandable storage, 4k video and strangely the biggest reason is glance display (which the 930 doesn't do!!) I only realised I wanted this after seeing my husband's I was on...
  12. Moonsurface

    I guess this was my first BSOD?

    Never had one on Windows 8 or 10 before so I don't know what they look like but I guess this is wahat a BSOD looks like now, that I got today? So do I need o do anything? I was just thinking that my surface pro 3 was running pretty well recently with little fan noise and stunning...
  13. Moonsurface

    I've done the unthinkable...

    ... I'm bordering on breaking the laws of this forum as this could be a religious topic to some. I ordered a Macbook. I've never owned an Apple product in my life, however I have flirted with the idea of a Mac in the past. However these days I'm much more enamored by the direction that MS is...
  14. Moonsurface

    Solved Display brightness SP3. after Windows 10 upgrade

    I may be wrong here but I think that since I upgraded to win 10 the display on my SP3 seems dimmer than before. Where I used to set it at around 35% for comfortable use in normal indoor lighting I now have to set it at 50%. Anyone else noticed this? Is the display brightness curve different in...
  15. Moonsurface

    Microsoft Band 2 VS Fitbit Charge HR

    I'm currenlty the owner of a fitbit charge HR. I like it very much but it has a few drawbacks and I'm trying to decide whether I would be better off with the MS band or sticking with the Fitbit. Pluses for Fitbit charge HR: Cross platform app works yes there is an app for my windows phone 4-5...
  16. Moonsurface

    Windows Defender not starting after update

    I did the major 1511 update last night and now Windows defender won't start. I can try to switch it on but it turns itself off. I keep getting notifications about not having virus protection. I have Malwarebytes installed but that never caused a problem before. All updates have been done...
  17. Moonsurface

    Can't get on-screen keyboard in Firefox

    I've started using firefox but unfortunately when I use it in tablet mode with type cover removed or folded back I can't get the onscreen keyboard to appear at all. Weirdly there's no keyboard icon available in the task bar to manually bring it up either. When I re-snap the type cover on the...
  18. Moonsurface

    Top pen button and Windows 10 Surface app

    I got my new SP4 pen to use on my SP3 and I'm noticing that the top button isn't doing anything. It also wasn't doing anything on my old pen but I thought it might be dead batteries. I think I've seen problems like this so if anyone can direct me to the right thread. Also - the Windows 10...
  19. Moonsurface

    Typing speed with type covers and proper keyboard

    For a bit of fun I tested out my new SP4 typecover (on my SP3) versus the old type cover and also tried the same on my desktop PC. I used this site: Typing Speed Test - Online Typing Test Firstly I'm a fairly capable typist - I don't stick wholly to touch typing rules but thanks to typing...
  20. Moonsurface

    How many times have you replaced the main battery in your SP3 Pen?

    When I first got my Surface pro 3 I bought 4 spare AAAA batteries as they're not that easy to find day to day. However over 13 months later I'm still on the original battery!! Admittedly I'm not a daily user but sometimes i do use the pen a lot for taking notes/drawing so it does get some...