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  1. Frederuco

    Well, Arnold, I now have an answer to your question . . .

    Thread is re-opened and sanitized. Please remember to abide by the Guidelines of Conduct. If this behavior continues, thread will be removed and further actions may be taken.
  2. Frederuco

    'Likes' Appearing on All Threads Now

    See this post before a like: Then see the same post after tapping the LIKE button: Wastes a bunch of space. Ive noticed this on a lot of the FF sites when they were updated to the version of the forum with the Activity feeds.
  3. Frederuco

    Flash Memory Actual Capacity Estimates

    I may have to steal this blurb...
  4. Frederuco

    NFC\AFC Conference games

    RAVENS and NINERS! Sorry WERA, I gotta go against the Falcons...
  5. Frederuco

    Thought I'd Annoy All the OCD Sufferers in This Forum

    Well, we know Hyflex is about the only one here without OCD! :wink:
  6. Frederuco

    Hello from North Carolina!!!

    Welcome neighbor! Glad you are enjoying the tablet. Stay tuned here as we help unleash its full potential.
  7. Frederuco

    Why the unusual interface for the AC adapter?

    I can appreciate the convenience if a 6-10 ft. iPhone charging cord, but another thing to consider is the added resistance this yields. On my TF101, it uses a USB3 connector and is 3' long. Charger uses 15 VDC to charge. Adding a 6' USB3 extension to get 9' of length adds more resistance to...
  8. Frederuco

    How Did You Hear About - The Premier Microsoft Surface Forum?

    Welcome aboard y'all! Glad you found us and decided to join in.
  9. Frederuco

    Yeah! Nook app is finally in the Store

    Good point! Moved to apps.
  10. Frederuco

    Microsoft Sued Over Surface Storage Claims

    95% of lawyers give the rest a bad name! Sorry, I could not resist.....
  11. Frederuco

    No Google Maps App

    Would you be interested in getting an Apple Maps app? :disappointed:
  12. Frederuco

    Finally Found a Forum!

    Glad you found us Manifold! You know the deal with forums then, so just let us know when you have an issue, or if you find a new tip or trick and want to share with us. Enjoy your new toy!
  13. Frederuco

    Two step google authentication

    Yes, it is optional. If you are using it in association with an application (like an email client) you must go to a website and get an application specific password as the OP pointed out. Otherwise it will not work.
  14. Frederuco


    Thanks for joining! Once these are in the wild, we will help you get the most out of your Surface.
  15. Frederuco

    Hey Everyone

    Thanks for joining us here. We are all eagerly awaiting our chance to get our hands on this bad boy
  16. Frederuco

    Apple Patents the Wedge Design

    No, this is a bunch of crap: The crApple Wedge thing is just ridiculous!
  17. Frederuco

    "Guidelines of Conduct" for

    Welcome to The community on our forum are a great group of people that share Microsoft Tablets as a common interest, and the use we put it through every day. Some of us have extended knowledge and experience with computers and portable computing devices in general and...
  18. Frederuco

    [GAME] Ban the Person Above You

    Banned for having a number that is a palindrome in your username.
  19. Frederuco

    [GAME] Ban the Person Above You

    Banned for posting the 118th post in this thread.
  20. Frederuco

    What are your current tech gadgets/devices? Post in here and let us know!

    I forgot a Nintendo DS, 16 GB iPod Nano (6th Gen) and my 2.2 GHz single core AMD computer. Oh, I also have a Nikon D90 and an F80 (Yes, I still shoot 35mm some times)