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    Windows wallpapers on cloud but not synced?

    Is it possible to have my windows wallpapers pull from my OneDrive but not sync them? I would think no but it's always worth asking and always looking to save room on my SP3 since I only have 64GB, currently have OneDrive on my micro sd but its also only 64GB. Again I think I know the answer...
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    Start Menu and Action Center not working

    Sorry if this was already brought up, I did a search but couldn't find anything. If I leave my desktop running for a while the Start Menu and Action Center buttons stop working. I can't open them with the Windows key on my keyboard or right clicking the Action Center icon. Been right clicking on...
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    VHD stayed after fresh install?!?

    So, my SP3 was starting to majorly slow down on boot-ups and running programs. So I did a fresh install, removed my SD card while doing it. placed the SD card back in and decided to just try and see if OneDrive would save to it before I reset up the VHD. It did without a problem... No issues at...
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    Black background on folders

    I keep getting black backgrounds on folders I found this but I am afraid to use the method since I have a dozen or so icons set to specific ones and worried it would remove those too. Anyone know how to stop this or what causes it?
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    This has to be a hoax

    Anyone seen this Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 Get Their Prices Cut Right Now at - Press Release - Digital Journal It was a article from google news... It leads to Microsoft surface pro 4 for sale,surface book for sale,Wholesale surface pro 4,surface pro for...
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    Losing VHD on SD after reboot

    Every time I reboot my SP3 no longer sees the VHD I created for my one drive on my SD card and I get this message I created a shortcut, to my VHD, on my desktop and if I double click it the message goes away but my OneDrive goes through the process of verifying it's entire contents. If I go to...
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    OneDrive on SD card

    For some reason my old VHD for OneDrive stopped working, I changed nothing just rebooted. I tried to repeat the, old, process but it would not work. But Google lead me to a very nice tutorial on how to create a VHD that did work. I hope this helps if what happened to me happens to anyone else...
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    Enabling all power modes

    Just saw this video on the Surface Book forums but at the end it says it's for the Surface Pro 3. Would enabling high performance hurt the SP3? or cause it to throttle it's self right away?
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    Send messages through homegroup

    Is it possible to send messages through your network to other computers using homegroup? It use to be possible using Windows 7... I have googled it but have not come up with a way that works.
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    Our promised new and improved OneDrive

    OneDrive dumps unlimited storage, slashes free storage amount by two-thirds Well we were told they were making big changes come October-November. I was hoping for placeholders to come back...
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    Solved Slow network transfer speeds

    Just got the Wife a S3, returned one because it couldn't transfer anything from my network. Now the second one is transferring files but at much slower speeds than my SP3 or even our cell phones. My SP3 get 25+MBs transfer speeds and phones get something around 10MBs. The new S3 is getting...
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    Corner of screen cracked. What can I do?

    No surprise, I have finally cracked the screen on my SP3. It's just the corner so I'm not totally screwed, yet, but I don't want it spreading. I know I can send it to MS and have it fixed but that's like $300. I just bought the wife a Surface 3 combo from Costco and I am trying to save up for...
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    Good ereader

    I use Moon+ Reader on my Android and love it. Now I'm trying to find a program for my sp3. Nook looks good but it doesn't seem to take up the whole screen. Any recommendations?
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    I5 128GB with GPU gone?

    Anyone hear anything about the I5 128GB model with the GPU disappearing off the MS Store's website?
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    Netflix app issue

    Anyone else having issues with the netflix app going black for a few seconds when you pause, go full screen or try and skip forward? Doesn't do this with the browser version or non of my other video players have this issue. Very annoying, browser versions don't seem to support 5.1 surround, so I...
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    (Solved)No 5.1 Surround Sound option

    After a recent update, maybe not so recent since I just noticed I lost my surround sound. I know this isn't just a Windows 10 question but I thought it couldn't hurt asking because maybe someone else might be having the same issue and discovered a fix. Before I start let me say I had my...
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    chrome taking 6-9 seconds to load

    Before you start in how horrible Chrome is, that is what I use. I really don't want to start a browser flaming war. I can not step away from Chrome because I have it synced with my house and other family members, I manage bookmarks passwords and all that so they don't have to (so I don't have to...
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    How do you install Windows 10 on a new Hard Drive

    I believe the SSD on my desktop is dying. If I replace it how do I install Windows 10 the new one? I have read that the Key it shows will not work for a clean install. Do I have to install Windows 7 and then upgrade to Windows 10 again? That wouldn't make sense what happens if my Hard Drive dies...
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    Stop Windows from updating Video driver

    Windows keeps installing its own version of my video driver and making Adobe Lightroom not work, is there any way from stopping it?
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    keep losing permission to access/save to user folders

    I keep losing permission to access/save to user folders. This is happening on my desktop and my SP3. The folders become read only. I have run chkdsk /f and it seemed to work at first. But now I have to keep going into the security tab for each folder, like pictures or OneDrive, and re-add my...