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  1. Trovahead

    Surface detecting screen finger touches randomly.

    I have had a similar thing happen to me a few times. It seems be possessed or something. A quick re-start usually fixes things up though.
  2. Trovahead

    Third Party Chargers

    My ebay cheapo has died. It worked for a while - but I had some of the arcing issues as well before and it continued to work fine. Now my RT won't recognize it.
  3. Trovahead

    5 in 1 Surface Adapter - Legit!

    Fits my RT like a glove.
  4. Trovahead

    Touch cover replacement horror story

    I had a very smooth experience exchanging my dead RT for a new one. The whole thing took one week from the time I dropped it off at Fedex to when the new one arrived at my doorstep.
  5. Trovahead

    5 in 1 Surface Adapter - Legit!

    I pulled the lever and ordered one and it came today. Fits the surface very nicely. I like the fact that it doesn't cover up the speaker.
  6. Trovahead

    Wedge mouse

    The reverse scrolling works nicely. I just did my third quarter grades and my taxes thanks to the touch wedge mouse. I'm really liking this device!
  7. Trovahead

    5 in 1 Surface Adapter - Legit!

    Thanks for the heads up! Looks handy.
  8. Trovahead

    Wedge mouse

    I took the plunge and got a Surface Edition mouse. I am very surprised how quickly it has become an essential part of my Surface experience. It sure makes scrolling through large folders much easier. Perhaps it was silly to spend the extra $$ for the Surface edition, but it looks so nice next...
  9. Trovahead

    Update removed gApps sync

    just gotta poke around.. Windows 8 Mail App, How To: Bring Back Google Calendar Events | On the Can with Stephen Paul Adams
  10. Trovahead

    They Cut off Google Calendar sync!!!

    You can go to your Google Calendar on a desktop PC, export the iCalendar file and then add it to your calendar on the Outlook Express website. It worked very smoothly for me and now all of my Google appointments from work are on my MS Calendar. No need to do anything drastic.
  11. Trovahead

    Update removed gApps sync

    This needs to be done on a desktop - I was trying to use my Surface without success. Now everything is synced up fine with my google work calendar. COOL!!
  12. Trovahead

    Update removed gApps sync

    I can't get the calendar to recognize the ics. file I have exported from the google calendar. Has anyone been able to get this work-around to work? thanks, any help is appreciated!
  13. Trovahead

    Windows 8 Mail, People, Calendar apps get minor (but welcome) updates

    Has anyone been able to get this to work? I've exported the ics file several times, but the calendar app wont recognize it. My job uses google calendar pretty heavily and I would love to get my work appointments back on the calendar. thanks for any help. I'm sure there will be a fix soon, or...
  14. Trovahead

    From Gizmodo tomorrow MS will update RT Apps

    I'm still on the fence with the mail app. It almost makes me want to give up the gmail touch app for lagging so much.
  15. Trovahead

    After 4 1/2 months, my Surface has died

    My brand new replacement arrived today - it's updating happily. Exactly one week after I sent out my dead one. So far, everything looks great - bookmarked websites came up on the start menu, but I guess I need to rely on my memory for previously downloaded apps. Thank you microsoft! :big smile:
  16. Trovahead

    After 4 1/2 months, my Surface has died

    When I spoke to Surface support, they told me they would be sending a new unit and not a refurb. I really miss my surface!!
  17. Trovahead

    Gmail Touch

    I would love to ditch the stock mail app for this if it only supported multiple log ins. Hopefully soon!
  18. Trovahead

    After 4 1/2 months, my Surface has died

    I sent mine in Sunday. I miss it terribly! Hope the replacement arrives quickly.
  19. Trovahead

    [Solved] Surface won't turn on..

    yes of course - that was the first thing I tried, as well as holding the power button along with the volume, but nothing ... I kept waiting for the thin white letters to appear... but there's no pulse. The windows button is dead too. So strange.. Everything was working just fine and then: zero!