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    Low-end Projector Recommendation

    Hi everybody, I don't have a television, but do a fair amount of watching on devices. I've been looking for a projector to plug into and project shows and movies on the wall for a more theatrical experience. My requirements are modest, and I think that 480p would be adequate. I've seen a number...
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    Recommended Power Supply Replacement?

    Hi everybody, Like some of you, I'm sure, my power supply connector no longer works reliably. I'm looking for a replacement. Microsoft no longer sells replacement 48W power supplies for the Surface Pro 1 and 2, and the third-party replacements on Amazon seem to have suspicious reviews. Does...
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    Secure Boot Violation

    "Invalid signature detected. Check Secure Boot Policy in Setup." I've been fooling around with some live CDs on my Surface Pro 1, and now when booting back to Windows I receive this error at boot. It seems to be a common problem however I have yet to resolve it. I've tried disabling and...
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    Solved Turning Off Notifications in Windows 8.1

    Hi everybody, I have Surface Pro 1 running Windows 8.1. It seems that when I turn off system notifications (the toast pop up notifications), they are always enabled upon reboot. I have disabled notifications through PC Settings > Search and Apps > Notifications > turning off "app...
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    Recommended Inexpensive USB 3.0 Hub for SP1

    I'm looking for a preferrably powered USB hub for my SP1, at a hopefully modest price. If anybody has any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!
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    Recommended Surface Pro 1/2 Sleeve

    Hi everybody, I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive sleeve that will hold my Surface Pro (1), folio case, and type or touch cover. The folio case (Fintie) is the catch, I suppose. I'm hoping to not spend too much, but would like to keep my SP1 safe in travelling. Any input is appreciated...
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    ArtRage Touch for Windows 8 I just spotted this in the Windows store, and thought other artists may be interested to be aware of it. I'm not affiliated with the publishers of the software, but it is nice to see the possibilities...
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    eBook Reader | Management | Cross-Platform Solution?

    Hi everybody, As there is a dearth of feature-rich ebook reading applications in the Windows Store, none of which fully suit my needs, I thought I might reach out to the community, and learn what solutions others have devised for reading. First of all, I have an assortment of file types and...
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    Display Driver | Battery Life | HD Graphics Control Panel

    Hi everybody, I have a few questions regarding recommended drivers for the Intel HD Graphics 4000 display adapter. I have read on this forum and elsewhere that the recommended course of action, is to use the display adapter drivers provided through Windows Update, exclusively. However, I have...
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    Recommended MiniDP to VGA/DVI Adapter

    Hi everybody, I'm looking to get an adapter to connect my Surface Pro I to an external monitor. My needs are modest, as I will be mostly connecting to a 1280x1024, but we also have a 1920x1024 monitor, that I may make use of at some point. Both monitors offer only VGA and DVI input, no HDMI...
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    Hi Everybody, I’m a longtime lurker, and figure it’s about time to post an introduction. I have been using the site as an information source for about a year, and I’ve been a registered member, and Surface owner for about six months, having purchased a used Surface Pro 1, some time ago. Like...

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