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    Using my Surface 3 as display

    I'm thinking of using my surface 3 in my truck as an information display. I would mount the docking station and plug it in to a 120v converter. I would use an OBD2 usb cable to the docking station. Should this work well? Has anyone done this with a surface?
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    spilled coke on keyboard

    I spilled Coke on the keyboard and now a few of the keys don't work. Is there a way to clean it?
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    Is there an app for that (song sheets)

    I play the guitar and sing. Not great, but fun. I'd love to be able to have song sheets on my Surface and flip pages with a pedal or button. I think there are apps for that with the iPad, is there anything that works that way for the Surface? I'm working with a Surface 3...
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    Solved New/Old member wonders where to go next

    It's been along time since I've been on these forums. Started when I got my Surface RT and continued up to the time I got my Surface 3. I've loved my Surface 3, and if I didn't have so many charging issues wouldn't need to think about upgrading now. But it won't take a charge anymore, so I've...
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    Trouble Watching Videos

    Sometimes my Surface 3 won't let me watch videos. If I delete cookies, check for updates and do a manual restart, that problem is usually resolved. I'm talking about simple youtube videos. Anyone know how to fix it?
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    Looking for music (guitar) app

    As a guitarist, I have a lot of my song sheets on Word. I'm mostly happy with it. I'm wondering if there is an app that anyone uses that helps them change pages or do anything else with your music?
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    Surface Pen or aternative stylus

    Lost my surface pen, don't really want to spend $50 on another. Is there an alternative stylus, or a better price available on the original?
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    Who is using Windows 10 on Surface 3?

    I understand Windows 10 is available, or will be. Who has upgraded to Windows 10 and is happy? Who has upgraded to Windows 10 and is not happy? What do you like or not like about it using it with the Surface 3? I haven't seen an offer to upgrade, how does one go about getting it?
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    Solved Can't get it to come on

    Tried to turn my S3 on this morning, nothing. Plugged it in and left it charging, still nothing. Tried with power cable attached and detached, and with keyboard attached and detached. Don't know what else to try.
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    Surface 3/Surface RT charging

    When we moved, the charger for my Surface RT got misplaced. It will be found, but in the meantime I was going to order something. Is there a charger which (with different cords) would charge both the Surface 3 and the Surface RT, when I do I'd rather have two chargers for the Surface 3 than...
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    How to change network security key

    I tried to input the network security key for my new place of employment, and got it wrong. Now it just keeps trying to use the wrong one. It doesn't give me the opportunity to change it, how do I do that?
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    Solved Is there a switch on the keyboard light?

    And have I somehow turned it off. I can't get my backlit keyboard to light. It was working at first.
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    Solved Question about ^J One Drive

    Hi. I have a lot of files from my old computer that I downloaded to one drive. A lot of my file names have commas in them. Every comma has been replaced with the characters "^J". Is there any way do turn all those back into commas?
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    Ordered Mine from Costco today

    I ordered the package with the type cover, pen and 4gb ram, 128 gb memory. Thanks everyone for all the feedback as I slowly figured out what I wanted to do. I'm sure I'll have many more questions, I appreciate the patience of the people here. I guess my next questions will be, how do I go...
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    The Good? The Bad? The Ugly?

    So, I'm looking to upgrade. Been using the Surface RT for 2.5 years very happily. For me it's a word processor, internet accessor and a presentation device (I put it on the pulpit and preach from it, kind of like my own personal teleprompter). The size of the RT has been very useful, and I'm...
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    extended warranty

    If I buy an S3 at Best Buy, can I still get an extended warranty from Microsoft, do I want to?
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    Microsoft Store Distribution

    Come on Microsoft. Staples and Best Buy can let you get your hands on the devices, I haven't found anyone at either store that could answer even the most rudimentary question about anything Microsoft. The people at Staples seem to run in the other direction if they see that's what you're...
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    Comparing to the RT

    I've been interested in upgrading from my Surface RT for a while now. I had kind of convinced myself I liked the Pro 3 i3, then this came out. I use my Surface for word processing, keeping up with email and surfing the internet, my concept of gaming is Words With Friends on Facebook. I use...
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    Where Does one find Cortana?

    And on which devices?
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    No Trade

    So, I was looking at the Pro 3, and the store website said they'd take my RT in trade. I've opined on here before that I'd just keep the RT, because I don't like to have electronics which have had my personal info on them get out of my hands. Still, I thought I could restore it to the way it...