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    Surface 3 one year later display problem

    Well it has been a good year. I got this surface3 to replace my Galaxy tab. Needless to say my GTab is now my alarm clock next to my bed. There have been many updates and my surface has been solid. I went from win 8.1 to win 10. I found many tricks here in this forum alone. (now have to back...
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    keyboard and chrome

    My keyboard no longer pops up when using Chrome. Does anyone know how to fix this. Up until a week ago, the keyboard always popped up
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    How do I turn off the pen ripple effect

    I cannot shut off the ripple effect when using the pen. Does anyone have any idea how to do that? I did not have the problem in win 8, but since the win 10 upgrade it seems to be more noticeable. It's easy using a Wacom tablet but I do not know how using the Microsoft N-trig pen.
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    Win 10 Update missing features

    I did the win 10 update and so far everything is OK. The update was rather painless and took less than an hour. There were little bugs along the way. I switched over to Chrome as my browser but everything else is Microsoft. I do not like the mail app. I have to go looking for my accounts...