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    Turn Off Battery Drain

    What should be the logical battery drain for the Surface Pro 4 (i5) when it is in shutdown state?
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    Fun Topic - Game Recommendation

    I have a 2.5 hr flight to Florida next month and looking for a gaming suggestion. I was a Halo, Doom, Quake player over my life. Any suggested games that others are playing on their surfaces that align with this theme??? I don't need the latest / best type of graphic game. Just looking for a...
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    Screen Protector, or no screen protector, that is the question

    Think the title says it all......... thoughts? Mine is home use with some very mild travel. I have the type keyboard which I always leave on it.
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    Screen Response / Screen Protector

    I have a Skinomi screen protector on my Surface Pro 4 i5. I am getting a really strange issue that in the top right corner (horizontal) around the minimize area that its like it is stuck. I went to calibrate the screen, but because of this it doesn't seem to want to calibrate fine. The pen works...
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    Firmware 12/17/15

    Not sure what is included yet, but just got a update for a 12/17/15 hardware update. I am installing now.
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    UEFI Issue / Shutdown Issue

    So having a weird issue with the UEFI screen. At first I though I was doing something wrong, but now second guessing myself. I keep randomly finding my Surface sitting at the UEFI screen with the fan running. At first I thought I wasn't shutting down correctly, but the last week it happened a...
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    5ghz / router

    Just a quick survey. Is anyone using 5ghz with your Surface Pro 4 and are you experiencing drops randomly? I did the registry fix and that didn't help. Thinking about getting a new router as I have had issues with this TP Link router since day 1, so any suggestions are welcomed as well. thanks
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    Firmware Nov 18

    Can't believe I can't find any info, I got a surface firmware tonight dated November 18. Not sure what changed.....
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    System Devices Not Starting

    In device manager under system devices, I have one called "Surface Touch Serviving ML" which is showing that it cannot start. When I attempt to update the driver, it says it is the latest version. Am I the only one on this one? I tried multiple ways to get it going but no luck. Thanks
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    SP4 Drivers

    Is their a way to upgrade the drivers to the non Microsoft version on the Surface Pro 4? Normally I found the drivers that come from Microsoft are watered down or slim version in comparison to the full driver from the manufacture. I want mine to be as efficient as possible. I am semi questioning...