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    Might get another Surface this time just the 2 not pro [question help]

    1- i see my printer hp 8500a plus office jet is not compatible with rt 8.1 is there anyway to make that work at all? if not what is a good printer that will work with the surface 2 2- how much actual usable space would i have on a 32gb version? 3- is the surface 2 useable for work or do i...
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    TWEAK them Batteries NOW or BUY that Battery Cover....FAST gonna need it

    FAA-says-electronic-devices-now-allowed-in-flight FAA Says Electronic Devices Now Allowed In-Flight. So Why The Heck Were We Turning Them Off All This Time? - Forbes
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    Did a test and getting bad results can anyone direct me?

    I had a printer problem which I am fixing currently. I needed to download HP software for my printer. Well the download speed stinks on the SP2. I tested the DL on my desktop running win 8.1 wired into my router and my samsung Note 2 wireless the download flew on the desktop and the phone but...
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    Hey Microsoft please make desktop button from the bottom right corner of the screen

    with the ability to make it bigger. when i try to click on it with my fingers it brings up the clock instead. i want a QUICK way to the desktop level without any open windows to fuss with. so its a great feature but the little sliver to click on is toooo small.
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    So I left the house with my new SP2 8.1 today and Reconnecting of printer

    didnt work when I got back. how do i ensure when I reconnect to my network that the print will reconnect? now sure why it didnt? thanks
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    Windows Store view of apps?

    can you change the view when searching for apps in the store to show more apps [or more rows of apps]on a page at a time? basically, make the tile view of the apps in store smaller? on my desktop computer with win8 it shows 5 - 8 rows of apps as opposed to sp2 showing 2 rows of apps. this is...
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    HBoGo issues?

    anyone know the fix? Firefox works with HBoGo but IE doesnt. I updated silverlight still didnt help. any ideas? thanks
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    using firefox and popup virtual keyboard

    i love firefox but it seems explorer is much better on the surface and i am liking it but my question is how do you get the virtual keyboard to popup automatically when using FF? like clicking in the addrerss bar to type a web address etc... thanks
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    how do you lay the surface down ?

    if you dont have the keyboard on the unit. if you lay the unit on its back does it get scratched? do you put a protective sticker on it? its seems a case wouldnt be any good for this make it even heavier. whats the best course of action? i dont want to scratch it. thanks
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    Best BackUp Solution?

    What is the best backup solution? I moved from a MBA to this and I am happy to be here is there anything like Time Machine or better for SP2? thanks
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    100% Typing 8.1 Bug for sure with type cover or virtual Keyboard

    Bottom-line it happened twice in two days now where I cannot type certain keys today its H, K and T yesterday it was V. A restart did the fix. Anyone else with this issue?
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    Need help with two issues [office] [pdf]

    [1] is there a way without DL anything to print to PDF from the SP2? [2] issues is an office one i keep getting this error about time zone then when I click ok it gives me the next one [any insight is greatly appreciated]
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    letter V will not work on Keyboard

    crazy? I pulled the KB off and on and then also held down windows key nothing worked except a restart. Strange!
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    Charging indicator? anyway to tell if its actually charging

    other then turning on screen? thanks
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    HELP how do I just create a LOCAL account from the GET-GO?

    I do not want to have an online cloud based account. i am old school i just want my local computer name. i tried it twice and it never prompts you to just use a local account. is there a way? if not can i sign in with a MS account then remove that fully? and revert to a local account...
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    OH Y E A H my credit card was charged sp2 on the way.....

    :) cannot wait. just check amex and they charged the card in full
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    Delta Airlines will equip all pilots with Sufrace 2 Tablets

    Delta to Use Microsoft's Surface 2 Tablets in Place of Paper Manuals - Ina Fried - Mobile - AllThingsD
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    Pre order or store order?

    Do you think on 10/22 i can pick up a sp2 256gb in staples, best buy etc... or they wont carry it? also do you think it will be shipped overnight on the 10/21 delivered for sure 10/22 if ordered? are you pre ordering? thanks
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    anyone else not like the touch type cover? let me count the way but....

    i have a few questions first. anyway to change the sensitivity to the track pad? anyone else have problems right clicking? its making me batty. if i use the two finger gesture it works 50% of the time and the only other way to get right click unless i am missing something is to...