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    Nook app is finally here!

    This is my only "deal breaker" app that Surface didn't have. I have not tested it but at least it has been released.
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    Are there any apps currently available that let your read magazines? Amazon's Kindle won't display magazines. I can't get the Zinio app to work. There is no Barnes and Noble Nook for Windows RT. Any other options?
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    My impressions

    Having had enough time to play with my Surface I thought I would share some impressions. Some things have been pleasant surprises. The size is great, the weight acceptable and the screen resolution no problem at all—the reviews criticizing it were without merit. The touch cover far exceeded...
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    Pocket app equivalent

    I love the Pocket app, which allows you to save web pages for later and can be accessed from multiple devices. Is there a Windows RT equivalent?
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    Sound Dock

    An accessory I would like to see is a good speaker dock that also charges the Surface. I have one that I use with my iPad and it is very handy. The dock needs to be in landscape orientation for watching movies. I hope third party vendors are working on this.
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    Organizing Favorites

    How can I organize favorite websites with Explorer? I had various sites organized into folders but now they appear in one long row and are difficult to find.
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    Hello from Greensboro, NC

    I don't usually buy things sight unseen but I preordered a 64 GB Surface. I have always liked Microsoft products and have a Windows desktop, Xbox 360, Nokia Windows phone and even a 64 GB Zune. I have a iPad 2, which I plan to give to a relative, but have been waiting for Microsoft to produce a...