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    Microsoft IME @ 30% CPU usage

    I have the same problem. It happened right after the recent windows 10 update. Removing my installed traditional Chinese language pack and restarting my surface pro 4 does not solve the high cpu usage of microsoft ime.
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    Solved Surface Pro 4 Brightness Problem

    After reading through this forum, I have come across this topic which has a similar situation that I am facing. Solved - screen brightness keeps changing, disabled auto brightness Though this happens to me when my charger is plugged in instead of running with battery power. Is there anyone know...
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    Solved Surface Pro 4 Brightness Problem

    Whenever I launch certain software, my sp4 automatically turns the brightness to maximum. I have turned off the auto brightness option and it still changes for me. I noticed that only a few programs, such as pc games and media player, will trigger the changes. Is there any way to disable it...
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    Surface Pro 4 firmware/hardware updates 4/19/2016

    counter strike global offensive. btw I rolled back the driver and it's working at 60 fps again now. Should have waited for a day before trying to update.
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    Surface Pro 4 firmware/hardware updates 4/19/2016

    The intel graphic driver lags my csgo. I used to have 60fps and now I only get 30fps with the same setting. Need to roll back the driver and test again to see if the problem persists.
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    Wireless issues

    I have encountered this issue too. Sometimes, the internet suddenly disconnects itself but the wifi is still connecting. I need to disconnect from that particular wifi and reconnect to it again in order to fix it. It's pretty annoying. I want a permanent solution to this problem.

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