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    Solved Autorotate work for anyone on SP3 Windows 10?

    I've seen lots of forum traffic about display auto rotation on W8 but haven't in the last few months seen anyone definitively state that it functions on Windows 10. I'm now at the latest level, version 1511 build 10586.11, and was hoping that it might magically start working, but nothing. There...
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    Mapped drives not showing up on Explorer - Disconnecting

    I sought help on this problem on another forum and had no success. I should have started here! Since at least Windows XP through Windows 8.1, using Windows Explorer you are able to open the Network View, expand a displayed computer, right click on a drive or folder that has been set up as...
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    Microsoft - Pointing Drawing - Update: Microsoft Hardware Bluetooth Device 9/23/2015

    Windows 10, SP3. Anyone have an idea what this one is about? DaveD