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  1. Wevenhuis

    Kick Stand Wobble

    Hi, I took the plunge today and upgraded from my surface pro first gen to a surface pro 5th gen (2017). When unpacking I immediately noticed a wobble of the kickstand at 0-20 degrees and 150-160 degrees. Anything in between and the wobble is far less. At 60 degrees the wobble is similar to my...
  2. Wevenhuis

    Internet explorer going bonkers!!!

    Hi, I've been noticing that internet explorer is going bonkers the last 1-2 weeks. I'm noticing that webpages are difficult to open especially websites like Even the Media Markt is having a difficult time showing media and pictures. It wasnt like this before that I can recall...
  3. Wevenhuis

    [How to] get back contextual search in windows 8.1.

    Hi, Ever since the 8.1 update on my surface pro I'm noticing that Bing search is dominating the search function. It seems that the search of windows 8 that I've got so used to is gone. The new search is perhaps a bit more tailored and efficient, but the compromise is that the contextual...
  4. Wevenhuis

    [How to] turn off the Type Cover Trackpad

    Hi, When I type on the type cover I often accidentally touch the trackpad which causes the cursor to disappear and interrupts the typing proces to a frustrating and distracting degree. Does anyone know how to turn it off? Is it possible to code a registry key for this? I hardly use the...