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    Issues with firmware update on SP4 (TPM including)

    So recently ive updated to build 17655 Windows 10 Insiders Skip Ahead release, and got TPM notification. Ive checked and realized that ive got outdated UEFI, SAM, IME and TPM allthrough ive installed all updates and also installed it few times manually. My TPM version is 5.40.1971.2 (tpm.msc)...
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    Bootloop after resetting SP3

    Recently ive updated my SP3 to latest win 10 fast ring build 16193 and decided to reset my pc by cleaning fully drive. After that happens dunno what, it rebooted and now its bootloop and sometimes showing screen that its installing something at 64%, and Surface "Welcome" loading and again...
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    SP4 i7 recovery image

    Can someone provide SP4 i7 recovery image? Ive received SP4 from ebay, i7-512gb but due to damage i cant read serial number to enter it on web-site
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    TabTip.exe crashing on lockscreen, cant login=(

    Tabtip starts to crash everytime Lockscreen appears and on-screen keyboard not available. Anyone know how to fix it? Surface Pro3 with windows 10 15031 (fast ring build)
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    TabTip.exe crashing on lockscreen, cant login=(

    Maybe someone can help, since today TabTip.exe runtime error at lockscreen, cant open on-screen keyboard, when logged in via keyboard everything is working, but when locking back= tabtip.exe runtime error.
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    Windows 10 restore image

    Can someone upload to any other file storage than microsoft. Trying almost a week to download, but it showing 20 hours for download and no resume if download fails=( Thanks
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    windows 10 settings greyed out

    anyone have such issue? It only happens after I undock my SP3 from docking station. After reboot, everything is normal, but this issue is very annoying all icons in action panel is greyed out and when i press on any of them nothing happens
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    Windows 10 recovery image for Surface Pro 3

    So since pro3 comes with win10 pre-installed now, im interesting if there is a new recovery image for surface pro3. The latest on MS site is SurfacePro3_BMR_10_5.268.0 Which is win 8.1. PS: thinking about re-installing windows but dont want to use upgrade method from win 8.1
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    Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter issues

    Hello everyone, im facing some issues with MWDA, problem is that its connecting and projecting, but MWDA application from windows store doesnt see MWDA, even when its currently projecting. It constantly says: Not connected Ive managed to get into Web Configuration Mode, maybe someone knew where...
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    Can someone explain Miracast and streaming tech with surface?

    Can someone explain can i stream movies\etc to my smart tv(wifi) without additional equipment, or i need to buy mDP-hdmi cable\wireless display adapter?
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    Screen off without sleep mode.

    Any ideas how to make screen off when lid closes or when power button pressed?
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    Cleaning your Type Cover(dirt, liquid,..., coke)

    So recently ive spilled like 1l of Coke on my Type has survived...God i like Microsoft for build quality. After 2-3 days drying inside rice ive noticed that all my keys were sticky, i tried "wash it" using 96% go...tried pure Alcohol Denat., better but still not the same...