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  1. Wayne Orwig

    Battery Charge Limit has been fixed for SB2

    Since I am normally on AC, I think I will turn that on. Shouldn't hurt, and I don't need much more battery life.
  2. Wayne Orwig

    USB charge cable

    Has anyone seen a USB to Surface Pro power cable? Yes, I know that would be 5 volts in, and 12 volts out. And even if it worked, you would be lucky to get 10 watts or so of SLOW charge. I'm asking, because I recently was at a location for a couple of days with my SP3, and no charger. I had my...
  3. Wayne Orwig

    Screen Separating

    I have not done it. I did take apart a an original Surface and repaired the power switch (I had dropped it and damaged it. All would have been well, but when I separated the display I inadvertently pulled on the short display cable, and that led to other issues...
  4. Wayne Orwig

    An Idea with overheat issue?

    Are you in portrait or landscape when it overheats? I have only had mine overheat a couple of times. Both of those, I was in portrait mode, and I was inadvertently blocking the vent holes just to the right of where you have the X in that photo. Have you tried a USB fan in the hot area of the...
  5. Wayne Orwig

    Can Microsoft make a pen that is 100% reliable?

    Is the new battery dead? Do you have a meter to measure the batteries?
  6. Wayne Orwig

    Connect to the strongest WiFi

    I have two access points, each has the same SSID. One on channel 1, and one on channel 11. (2.4ghz) Often, even when close to the channel 1 AP, my SP3 connects to the channel 11 AP that is far away. And I get very poor WiFi, or none at all. Using a WiFi analyzer, it looks like the poor signal is...
  7. Wayne Orwig

    surface book 2. Suddenly goes to sleep

    Since it appears that the processor is still going at 'full speed', I don't think it would be a sleep issue. Sounds like a glitch in the display driver.
  8. Wayne Orwig

    Super long boot times, hanging at black Surface screen

    I'll bet you can get the screen repair for a reasonable cost. I have a feeling that something goofy with the touch screen to confusing the boot process. Nothing the back that up, I just suspect the is a connection there.
  9. Wayne Orwig

    Solved Flashing display on Book 2 15 inch

    I got my replacement Book 2 yesterday. So far, I haven't found any issues (other than the annoyance of needing to reload everything). No more flashing display on battery power. :)
  10. Wayne Orwig

    Solved Flashing display on Book 2 15 inch

    I had sort of forgotten about this being a problem, since I always used the charger. But recent changes had me using battery power more often, and the strobing display was too annoying. I worked with support, and ended up doing a full factory reset. The display still flashing after the reset. So...
  11. Wayne Orwig

    Desperately seeking base-to-screen cable

    I use a 32000mwh power bank set to 12 volts when I go out on the porch swing with just the clipboard. The 12 volts holds the power, and charges VERY slowly. But it works for me. The cord I got off Amazon is pretty long. The power bank is a pretty heavy brick though. A simple DC power cord can be...
  12. Wayne Orwig

    SB 2 dead battery

    Sleep will kill the battery over a week or so. You need to verify that the power settings are configured to eventually power completely off, or to go to hibernate. I have good luck with hibernate, so people say it is the devils work. :)
  13. Wayne Orwig

    Surface Book 3 still possible?

    Yea, I got an SB2, 15", 512G because of the sale price. I think it is just a seasonal thing. We'll see.
  14. Wayne Orwig

    Solved Flashing display on Book 2 15 inch

    That may be it. My Pro 3 and Book 1 have had the vertical streak. This Book 2 has the occasional vertical streak. And the flashing may be related. I'm not sure what triggers it. Edit: Not Edge. I closed everything (via Task Manager). On battery power, I often get a 'flash', a few seconds later...
  15. Wayne Orwig

    Solved Flashing display on Book 2 15 inch

    It is not a 'physical' thing like a loose connection. I'm 99.99999% sure. It may be related to when I have Edge open, as I have it open most of the time and I have not seen under other apps. But then it is random so...... I found one article about flashing displays, that recommended deleting...
  16. Wayne Orwig

    Solved Flashing display on Book 2 15 inch

    I got a good Black Friday deal on a 15 inch Book 2. So far, everything has been working pretty well. But I have one annoying issue. When on battery power, the display will occasionally flicker. With or without an app running. Sometimes it doesn't do it for a few minutes, and sometimes it does...
  17. Wayne Orwig

    Power on the Surface book 2 um Tablet mode.

    I don't think that is correct. As far as I can tell the graphics engine is powered by the battery system.
  18. Wayne Orwig

    Decisions decisions, Book 2 or ???

    So, I have a Book 1, from 2015. It does what I want, but I am itching for a change. No good reason.... I am thinking of getting a Book 2 15 inch. The larger screen will help my old eyes a little. And I want to move up from 256 to 512 of storage. (though the micro SDHC card is generally...
  19. Wayne Orwig

    How to get backup of SP3 if it won’t start?

    Also, try an external display, in case it is just the display that is out. In the future, run a scheduled backup. Mine are automated and I don't ever think about it.