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    microsoft surface battery life

    Try using with and without the touch cover. I've noticed quite a bit of drainage while having the cover in place. Which in turn isn't all that surprising.
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    IE backswipe caching?

    Also, you can press with 2 fingers anywhere in the IE screen and it will have the same function as swiping up from bottom, or down from top. Just noticed this.
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    IE backswipe caching?

    Ah thanks, I did not know that this was a bug. I hope it'll be fixed soon.
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    Store Won't Load

    Thanks for the tip.
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    IE backswipe caching?

    Seemless transition between the current page and the previous page through storing the previous in the memory would be awesome. However i don't believe there's an option for it. Instead everytime you swipe back the page is reloaded. I believe desktop browsers do this to a certain extent, but...
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    Store Won't Load

    Yeah the store is really slow for me too. Especially the 'Your apps' section. And for me it's more like 30% of the time. It's weird. Sidenote: Also, finding windows updates is extremely slow. I mean just finding them, not downloading. I can wait for that load for several minutes and nothing...
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    Can I combine my Google Calendar to the one on my surface?

    As R0bR said this can be done however the integration is not complete. I was not able to import all my different google calendars for unknown reasons, i googled and it just did not work. Instead i made a separate calendar in the online version of outlook for my schedule while and having my...

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