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    Just ordered Dell Venue 11 Pro (64GB) for $434!!

    The 64GB version of the Dell Venue 11 Pro (Z3770 CPU with 2GB RAM) was on sale yesterday on Amazon and I snapped it up for $434 (being released in December)!! It is no longer on sale, so I'm glad I pulled the trigger. Apparently, it also comes with MS Office, but I'm not sure. Regardless, I...
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    How do I upgrade to RT 8.1 if I had preview?

    I'm not seeing an update in the Windows store or when I go to the control panel to find updates. I have Windows RT 8.1 preview. What am I doing wrong?
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    Store credit for Surface RT trade-in. How much?

    I called up the MSFT store. They said that I can get credit if I trade in my Surface RT. I'm going to look into this this week. Anyone already know how much credit you get for a Surface RT?
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    Will having Surface always plugged in preserve battery?

    When I'm at home at my desk....if I always have the surface plugged into the wall outlet, will this preserve my battery life over time? I assume it doesn't matter but just checking.
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    How do I fix the type cover keyboard, reinsert key

    Like the bonehead that I am, I removed the down arrow from my keyboard because it was sticking a little bit (probably due to food that got wedged). I'm now having trouble reinserting the key back into the Type Cover keyboard. Anyone have advice? When I press down the right side of the button...
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    Surface 2 is superior to Surface Pro 2, except for one big thing

    The Surface 2 gets 10+ hrs of battery life and is powerful enough to handle most applications but there is one huge drawback to the Surface 2 that makes me want to get the Surface Pro 2 instead, or nothing at all since the Pro 2 is sooo darn expensive after MS Office....that is that Windows RT...
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    Viruses less harmful on Surface RT?

    Defender warned that a Trojan downloaded on my RT and then I removed it. But do you think I'm inherently less vulnerable to viruses because Surface RT is for ARM?? This Trojan probably wouldn't even have run, right?
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    Surface RT 2 will only have 8.6" display?

    There are rumors that the next Surface RT 2 will only have an 8.6" display, with a chip from Qualcomm. I really hope they don't make the display that small. If they do, it would have to be less oblong. I like the size of my Surface keyboard. Initially, I thought the Surface RT was too slow, but...
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    Great features of Windows RT that people may not know about...

    There are so many features in the Surface RT that the Apple and Android tablets can't even touch...but they aren't advertised that much. This is due to the biased reviewers. 1. Remote desktop 2. Windows drivers out of the box and full sized USB allow you to connect mice, storage devices, wifi...
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    Why don't people recognize the greatness of RT?

    I've been using my Surface RT as my main computer for a few months and love it. I also use my desktop for some tasks, such as for gaming, but I don't even use my laptop anymore. I recently pulled out the laptop and was amused by how large and bulky it seemed. I have an x300 too, which was...
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    Tegra 3 is less power efficient than snapdragon S4

    According to this bench marking, the Tegra 3 is less power efficient than the Snapdragon S4 and Intel Atom. This is surprising, right? Even if the Tegra is cheaper, at $500 for the Tablet I think we deserve the better processor, IMO. Update: Intel Expands Our Battery Testing At CES 2013 : Why...
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    Do the Defender Updates eat up my drive space?

    Anyone notice that the daily defender updates take up more and more of her drive space? I'm going to check and report back. Do you think the OS saves each update in a new file or replaces the old file? Or perhaps these constant updates create some other issues that take up drive space.
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    Still have connection issues with the store

    Anyone else? Did anyone figure out a fix? It was really bad the first month....if I clicked on an app it only worked 50% of the time. This is kind of ridiculous, considering how important the app store is supposed to be. How have they not fixed this yet? It's a crap shoot on if the app store...