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    Surface Pro 3 Touchpad

    Is there any way to tweak the touchpad settings on the Surface Pro 3 keyboard in order to create a better user experience? I know with the Surface Pro 4 keyboard that a lot of these issues will more than likely be resolved but I wanted to try and make a better experience for the user now.
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    Time Not Updating on Surface Lock Screen

    On a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 w/ Windows 10 installed When user is travelling the time does not automatically update until connected to the internet. Is this normal? Part of me thinks it is - and that it should automatically change as soon as it connects back up to the internet but I don't...
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    Heather working in High Education

    Hello, My names Heather affectionately known as heats to my peers. We're doing a Surface Pilot and we are looking at rolling the Surface out as laptop replacements. :)
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    Touch Keyboard Not Functioning

    Hello! After joining my Surface 3 to the domain and the Surface Pro 3 to the domain we're seeing the functionality of the touch screen keyboard ceases to exist. The icon is there but when you touch it nada. Obviously this is something in group policy but does anyone know which setting...