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    Does My new Surface Pro suit the game to play?

    Hello all, Sorry for taking up your time. I am newbie here. Please forgive me if my words aren't proper, but hope u can understand them. On my graduation ceremony, my family prepared one Microsoft Surface pro for me, which I have wanted to buy, but I don't have enough money to buy, so I have...
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    Wired vs wireless headphones. Your preferences?

    dear all, What's your choice? I've now used both. Actually have used the following: Lots of misc cheapy wired Apple earpods. Surprisingly good imo First wireless. Miscrsoft Surface headset react I think they are called. Sounds good. Not a lous as wired. Have some issues with sound...
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    How do I pair a supported Bluetooth stylus with Photoshop Mix?

    Hello all, It was my 16th birthday party on May 15th and I was happy to have received all gifts from my family. Firstly, I received one tiger doll from my aunt. As she knows, from my childhood I liked playing with the tiger doll. Then I got one present from my parents. They bought one favorite...
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    Does Surface Pen work with all touch screen devices?

    Hey all, Does Surface Pen work with all touch screen devices? If not, what kind do I need for a Lenovo Miix 2 tablet (Windows 8)? Just a few days ago, I bought a new Lenovo Miix 2 tablet and am fast finding out just how fat my fingers are. So I go looking for a stylus pen (or is it called...

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