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    Solutions to horrible pdf performance for sp3

    Idn what it is but my 7 year old laptop can view pdf's better than my surface pro 3. Whether its view them offline and online through the web browser, it is very laggy. Of course its adobe reader. Is there any solutions to make pdf be smooth as it is on my 7 year old laptop. sp3 i3 version
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    Sick of fingerprints!! Solution?

    Since I use my surface pro 3 a lot for touch and pen writing, it acquires a ton of fingerprints that have really annoyed me. I always wipe down the screen at least once a day. So is there a screen protector that's doesn't reduce the screen clarity and is compatible with the pen (won't mess up...
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    Screen Orentation Messed up

    Hey guys, after the recent updates Patch Tuesdays, I notice that the orientation is messed up. If I start up the computer and rotate the screen to read it in portrait mode its fine. But when I want it back to landscape it wont change. So I have to restart my computer to get it back into...
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    Desktop swipe gestures for IE

    Is it possible to enable swiping like it is in the metro version. Using either touch or mouse to go back and forward. There is nothing in advanced settings.
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    onenote audio recording quality *urgent

    Okay so I recorded a lecture for class with my surface pro 3 using OneNote 2013 desktop version. When I play it back I cannot understand what the professor was saying because the quality is so bad. I cannot find quality settings in one note at all. Also when I went to move the audio file it was...
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    Possible fix for poor battery?

    So I returned my first sp3 i3 because of the horrid yellow streak. Everything was perfect with that machine but that yellow haze. The battery lasted a lot longer than my replacement which was brand new because I returned it for another one. My new i3 does not go into connected standby and as a...
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    good textbook reader app

    What is a good textbook or PDF reader app that allows you to take notes and highlight. The native reader app and adobe reader and foxit isn't good.
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    Scrolling issues

    Anybody notice how terrible scrolling is when using modern ie or desktop ie. It is sluggish. I owned a surface 2 and scrolling was alot smoother. *scrolling with fingers. I have i3 version of surface pro 3.
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    Speaker quality of the surface 2 rt

    Since the speaker quality of the surface 1 rt was not really good, did they improve it?