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    After 4 1/2 months, my Surface has died

    my screen cracked for no apparent reason, so eventually, after a long battle with Microsoft, they decided they would replace it, I got a replacement, not refurbished
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    is there a way to print from RT

    You can just use a USB cable on your printer / buy one for less than $5, and plug your surface in via USB. That's what I do as my Kodak all in one printer needs disc installation, so I can't do it on my surface
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    Replacement surface on it's way home :D

    It's quite fitting actually, that me and my surface will be re-united for Valentines day :p
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    Warning: Don't Use Your Surface In Public If You Don't Want To Be Bothered

    My College is very similar, i get mobbed every time i get (got :( ) it out
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    So so angry right now!

    i'm sorry but was there really any need for this? It's just a random stab at apple which makes me think you are a microsoft fanboy / apple hater
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    So so angry right now!

    i would like to see a drop test done with various different sleeves, just for re-assurance that the standard leather sleeve you can buy will help it.
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    Any Surface RT Exchange deals?

    yes i knew the limitations as well, but what i did not realize was how reasonably priced the pro would be, i was thinking in excess of £700 for it. And its turned out just £150 more than the RT. Which i would totally go for now
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    Any Surface RT Exchange deals?

    a surface pro really sounds good, but is there any way to exchange the RT for some kind of credit towards buying a Pro? considering (in pounds) the RT is £400, and the pro starts at £550. microsoft would surely be missing a trick if they didnt give some kind of exchange offer like trade in an RT...
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    So so angry right now!

    I have a sleeve aswell, this morning i was late and i went to grab it but the sleeve was upstairs "oh it wont matter for today, nothing will happen, and im late as it is" :| :| :| :|
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    So so angry right now!

    I took my surface to school today, trivial task for the mighty gorilla glass you may think? Turns out not. tl;dr, my screen cracked all the way across for no apparent reason. So, its a cold day, not sure if that could affect the screen, but my surface was just placed in my bag, with the type...
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    STILL no facebook and twitter official apps

    Why is this? I have Facebook touch. But an official Facebook app would be far better. And as for twitter, I can't find a working app for the RT anywhere
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    no no no no noooooo spilt coke on my type cover

    Some of the keys are now sticky as the coke residue has stayed, although it is dry, is it definitely ok to wash it with water as long as it is left to dry out for ages?
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    HowTo SD-Card: Add Content to Library; use as primary destination ...

    u don't really understand how this will work as I am indexing everything to the folder I made in C:\ and not any folders actually on my SD card
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    Patch Tuesday Today

    Do you even do updates? I've only done a couple since buying my RT
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    The kind of people Best Buy needs :)

    Nice ending to it and its quite a clever ad. Drags on a tad though
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    no no no no noooooo spilt coke on my type cover

    9 days later and all is fine, I found a few keys became a little sticky, but I just took them out and rinsed them, and that did the trick. Thanks for the advice anyways guys :)
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    no no no no noooooo spilt coke on my type cover

    Needless to say I was clumsy, I was drinking a glass of Pepsi whilst browsing the web, and I knocked the glass over and Pepsi flew all over the type cover, I took quick action and it is now upside 'draining' off. Pray for me guys
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    Article Stating Weak Microsoft Surface Sales......What Do You Think?

    people don't want to take the risk. so they play it safe with an ipad
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    Microsoft Silverlight - LOVEFilm Instant

    is surface fully up to date with its silverlight software, because i'm sure it has it, being a microsoft product and all, but i went on lovefilm instant (the web site, app still needs to be released!) and it doesnt work as it says i dont have the latest version of silverlight (4.0 onwards) Is...
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    SNES Emulator is Out!

    any links to working rom downloads? i downloaded one before but 8zip couldnt unzip the file