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    Blank screen on upon signing in..

    Blank screen on sign in.. I have 2 users set up on my surface 2. Quite often when I sign in I get a blank screen (green.. because if my color settings). Sometimes if I wait a moment the start menu will show up... sometimes not. To get the start screen I then ctrl alt del > task manager >...
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    What does your screen look like upon hitting power button...

    When I sign out of my account the colors of the tiles go all weird. I recently started noticing this
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    Volume level has dropped off

    My speaker volume has dropped like crazy. My iPad mini is way louder. On the other hand... if I have headphones on.. 50% volume is CRAZY loud. I'm still getting audio ticks when a new song starts. There has to be big problems with the audio drivers. I actually wonder if there is problems with...
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    Surface 2: Color banding on start menu tiles?

    Tried to take a picture with my iphone. I never thought to try taking a screenshot to see if its captured there.. :P Turns out its really freaking hard to take a picture of... You can sort of see it on the left side of the tile here.. I dont know if you can see the line going down the...
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    Surface 2: Color banding on start menu tiles?

    Anyone else have slight vertical banding on the start menu tiles? I didn't notice it when I got my Surface yesterday... but I'm noticing it today. I don't notice it any other places but on the plain colored tiles. Very slight color banding. Now that I've noticed it its driving me crazy. Does...