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    Replacement surface on it's way home :D

    It's quite fitting actually, that me and my surface will be re-united for Valentines day :p
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    Any Surface RT Exchange deals?

    a surface pro really sounds good, but is there any way to exchange the RT for some kind of credit towards buying a Pro? considering (in pounds) the RT is £400, and the pro starts at £550. microsoft would surely be missing a trick if they didnt give some kind of exchange offer like trade in an RT...
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    So so angry right now!

    I took my surface to school today, trivial task for the mighty gorilla glass you may think? Turns out not. tl;dr, my screen cracked all the way across for no apparent reason. So, its a cold day, not sure if that could affect the screen, but my surface was just placed in my bag, with the type...
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    STILL no facebook and twitter official apps

    Why is this? I have Facebook touch. But an official Facebook app would be far better. And as for twitter, I can't find a working app for the RT anywhere
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    no no no no noooooo spilt coke on my type cover

    Needless to say I was clumsy, I was drinking a glass of Pepsi whilst browsing the web, and I knocked the glass over and Pepsi flew all over the type cover, I took quick action and it is now upside 'draining' off. Pray for me guys
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    Microsoft Silverlight - LOVEFilm Instant

    is surface fully up to date with its silverlight software, because i'm sure it has it, being a microsoft product and all, but i went on lovefilm instant (the web site, app still needs to be released!) and it doesnt work as it says i dont have the latest version of silverlight (4.0 onwards) Is...
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    anti virus software?

    Is it necessary and is it available?
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    removing multitasks

    this is seemingly impossible on the surface, like when you bring up the multitask bar, you cant seem to remove your current tasks to save power (assuming it would)
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    i wish the windows button would light up!

    if there is a way of allowing it to light up, can someone enlighten me (pardon the pun) but anyways, when im on my surface in the dark I sometimes take a few seconds to search out the windows touch button on the tablet, its only a minor issue that its not lit up but its just abit...
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    App Issues - my own wrong doing

    ok so I decided it would be a clever idea to put ALL of the files on my surface onto the microsd card I have inserted into the side of it. As some of you may expect, all my apps disappeared after I did this and it was basically useless, so I just transferred them back to the system and...
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    I Never Made An Introduction - Hi I'm from the Real Birmingham

    yes, the one in England, UK. Not your stupid copy in Alabama :P
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    do you think the covers are rip-offs?

    that's all my iSheep friend seems to go on about, that and the infamous app store aswell, considering that's all the iPad has on this. But yeah, he says all these things about the fact you can buy an iPad keyboard for £15 that does the same, but in my opinion, £109 for my type cover wasn't...
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    Lack of Windows own programmes available for metro

    Movie maker and paint are nowhere to be seen on the surface, is there any equivalents out there or does anyone know if they will be available in the future?
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    adding an all-in-one kodak printer

    to normally add this wireless printer to a laptop/computer, you would have to install the software for it which is located on a disk. Now the obvious problem for the surface setup is the lack of a disk drive. So the software downloading is made impossible, isn't it? Does this mean I wont be...
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    WE Can Help the App Store Develop...

    we just need to spread the word that this tablet is actually worth the money and better than the iPad (in my opinion it is, im not an apple hater or anything). But surely and increase in sales of this, app developers see a bigger market to enter, and even with current apps that are out, the...
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    putting films onto my surface is abit of a chore, is there a computer lead?

    it seems that when I tried to convert my digital copy of a film I have onto my surface, I was unable to do so because I had to download it to my computer then put it on a memory stick and then onto the device, as you can imagine, the security levels on these digital copies are quite high so...
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    how do you set up a proxy on surface?

    to sign my surface up to the college internet, I must use the schools proxy code along with the wifi, does anyone know how to do this? I've fiddled around everywhere and haven't found it :/ Thanks

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