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    SP4 Dual Monitor Setup Problem

    I found this simple solution. It got rid of the taskbar on the second monitor, but I haven't played around yet since to see if it solves the other issues I'm having. How To Disable Taskbar on a Second Monitor in Windows 10 | Laptop Mag
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    SP4 Dual Monitor Setup Problem

    I'm trying to set up a 24" monitor with my SP4 to work as a standard dual monitor setup. The 24" monitor on the left as the primary with the Sp4 on the right as the secondary screen. It's working OK except the task bar still appears at the bottom of the SP4 screen and the SP4 still seems to...
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    Is the surface pro 4 still worth buying

    I think it depends on what your needs are. I've had my SP4 i5 since it came out. I don't see anything about the 5 or 6 that would make me want to upgrade. The battery life has improved, but I've never found myself needing more than the 4 hours or so that I get. I only use my SP4 for travel...
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    Hard Drive Replacement

    I wouldn't try it. I'd just sell it and buy a new one. Have you considered an SD card? You could double your disc space.
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    Solved Latest Update Messed Up Edge

    Good question! I checked updates and found about 15 updates pending or awaiting restart. I installed them all and the problem is gone.
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    Solved Latest Update Messed Up Edge

    My SP4 recently installed the latest big Windows update. Ever since then, I can't compose messages like this one on another message board I frequent. When I tap in the text input area to compose, the cursor does not appear. When I hover the Surface pen over the text input area, I get the...
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    SP4 won't turn on and all my data has gone

    What about OneDrive? I thought that Microsoft automatically makes a copy of your document files in the cloud.
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    Missing storage on SP4?

    I had a similar issue on my Win 7 desktops, so I downloaded a freeware program called Folder Size. It enabled me to find out what's taking up so much space. I still have it on my desktops and use it every one in a while to manage disk space. It's easy to use. I recommend it. Although, I...
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    Is the LTE upgrade worth the performance drop?

    When good WiFi isn't available, I use my phone as a hotspot for my SP4. I don't have a need for LTE. Wouldn't LTE require another subscription with monthly or usage charges?
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    End of surface?

    While I agree with everything that's been said here, I think you're all missing one very important (perhaps the most important) reason why MS will keep the Surface line. Whether or not Surface makes a big or small contribution to the bottom line is insignificant compared to the impact it has on...
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    SP4 2 hour battery life, 16,000mW draw.... only running edge nothing else

    Note that the BatteryBar app says that the runtime is 4:33, which means that you're averaging just over 4.5 hours.
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    Wifi doesnt wake from sleep

    I had this problem with hibernation and found a solution. Search on this forum for a thread titled "Wi-Fi Doesn't Connect Properly on Resume from Hibernation."
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    Surface Laptop - Why Bother?

    With the Surface line, MS has revolutionized the form factors with the intent to demonstrate to the Windows PC manufacturers what's possible. It's a showcase for Win 10. The Surface Laptop seems like just another laptop that is similar to a number of other laptops from a variety of other...
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    Surface Laptop - Why Bother?

    Why would anyone buy a Surface Laptop instead of a Surface Pro 4? The early news reports said the Surface Laptop was going to be a low end device to compete with Chromebooks. But the Surface Laptop line starts at $999. Why not get an SP4 instead?
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    Get pro4 or wait for 5

    According to this article, the SP5 won't be much different than the SP4. Surface Pro 5 Won’t Be Revealed In May, Rumors Suggest Therefore, waiting is probably not worth it.
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    Solved Wi-Fi Doesn't Connect Properly on Resume from Hibernation

    I found the solution to this problem in this MS community article. The fix is to go to Device Manager > Wi-Fi Adapter > Properties > Power Management and uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power." The article applies to Win 8, but it solved my Win 10 problem.
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    Solved Wi-Fi Doesn't Connect Properly on Resume from Hibernation

    Any suggestions about how to fix this issue? Does this problem happen to you?
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    Solved Wi-Fi Doesn't Connect Properly on Resume from Hibernation

    For the last 2 or 3 weeks, my SP4 doesn't connect properly upon resuming from hibernation on my home network router. It's not a big deal because I just disconnect and reconnect and everything is fine. Since I've owned my SP4 for just more than a year and this problem just started about 2 or 3...
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    Solved SP4 No Longer Goes to Sleep Automatically

    Not exactly. I owned and used both the SP4 and the mouse for about a month before disabling connected standby. During that first month, my SP4 would go to sleep without any problems. The SP4's horrible reliability record with connected standby's (including MS's many firmware iterations in an...
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    Solved SP4 No Longer Goes to Sleep Automatically

    Well, if the problem is with my mouse, then it developed in the last few weeks because I've been using the mouse since I bought my SP4 about a year ago. I doubt the problem is my mouse. Connected standby has been a problem with the current Surface generation from the get go. In fact, early...