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  1. LA33R

    Hi All (Again)

    Okay. Hi all, again. Cut a long story short I bought a Surface RT on release date a few years ago now and didn't enjoy the experience. I signed up to these forums on the days running upto their release and spoke with members on a run up. After a botched pre-order, shipping and release in the UK...
  2. LA33R

    Thinking about returning my surface.

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about returning my surface on the simple fact that it seems... "Slow". Don't get my wrong, I love the hardware it's self and its a great toy, but the device itself is rather slow. General loading of app's takes forever compared the my mothers iPad, and don't worry, I...
  3. LA33R

    The touch cover - One week later.

    So, how is everyone getting on with their touch covers? It has been a week now since the release of the surface and the touch cover and I think that I'm starting to get used to it, but how is everyone for touch typing? Please comment on this thread with your attempt of "The quick brown fox...
  4. LA33R

    Microsoft Surface RT Drop Testing

    Hey guys, Found this video on YouTube and found it rather interesting, so I thought that I would share. It's well worth a watch.
  5. LA33R

    Thought I'd Annoy All the OCD Sufferers in This Forum

    I downloaded Windows 8 Pro last night and installed the second it went live. This is my first proper time I've used Windows 8 since the Dev. preview, and damn this little thing annoys me! So I clicked on the desktop to check my battery percentage, and look what I found. God words cannot...
  6. LA33R

    Microsoft Surface Shipping - United Kingdom/Germany/France

    I cannot seem to find any help on other websites. I got called Microsoft today because my date of delivery was the 2nd of November, on the Microsoft Store UK. They said this was just an error and I should receive an E-mail giving me a tracking number and debiting my account of £560. 6:20PM...