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    Undervolting Boost Performance by 20% reduce heat and noise

    I have seen some serious performance improvements using the XTU and the 3Dmark 11 demo. Originally I saw an abysmal score of 562. I started to gradually decrease the voltages on the 3 parameters and finally saw a score of 909, which is a 62% increase. My graphics is -62.5mV, CPU is -75.2mV and...
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    Can someone test Minecraft and report on heat?

    I see what you are saying and agree, but it makes me wonder why the seemingly big difference between touch temps on the backs of these things. I understand there are different people with different tolerances to temperature doing the "measuring", but even the OP had 2 different SP3's and found...
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    Can someone test Minecraft and report on heat?

    I have had concerns over the temperature mine runs at since I bought it. Even with some pretty basic metro games running the fan comes on to a medium level and the back gets warm, not super hot but certainly pretty warm. An example game would be my little pony from the windows store. My daughter...
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    For those who are having WLAN Issues - (Possible Fix - Tested for the last 48 hours)

    Thanks jnjroach, I actually didnt even really realise I was having this issue until I read this thread and decided to ensure I didnt. Well I did and didnt notice because I have almost always had it plugged in, which was giving me 685 Mbps on my 5GHz AC connection. When I had it uplugged i was...
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    Arc Touch mouse connect to SP3 without USB dongle

    This is exactly what i did, so when i bought my SP3 and the arc touch mouse at the same time (the guy at the MS store gave me student pricing even though i haven't been to school in 4 years, sweet deal!) I saw the "Bluet...." which actually reads "Bluetrack" now that i look more closely. So i...
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    Arc Touch mouse connect to SP3 without USB dongle

    The arc touch mouse I have is Bluetooth and comes with a transceiver that I assume gives a device Bluetooth capabilities to connect the mouse, but when I try searching for the mouse on the SP3 without the transceiver plugged in, the mouse doesn't show up as a device in the Bluetooth list on my...
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    Arc Touch mouse connect to SP3 without USB dongle

    Has anyone done this? I can't seem to connect the Arc Touch mouse to my SP3 without the transceiver being plugged into the USB. I have done some research now and it seems I may have the non-surface model that may not connect without the dongle, so I am assuming I would need the surface version...
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    hello from Canada!!

    RT (original) owner from Raincouver or more accurately Surrey. Welcome aboard!
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    In need of a US-EN 8.0 recovery image

    Hey Russ, do you still have the recovery partition available? I am in desperate need of one as my surface rt has died and is looking for the recovery. Any help would be great thanks!
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    New firmware 4-9-13

    Mine is definitely faster as well in all aspects except internet browsing. Before the update I did a refresh and was pretty happy with the overall speed increase, especially the internet load times. Since the update my internet load times have slowed right down to where they were before I did...
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    So, who types with the Surface on the lap?

    I was actually going to start up a thread for this same reason. I laugh whenever I read a review which says it is not possible to use a Surface on your lap, because I have and I do and I am only 5' 6" and there is still plenty of real estate left on my lap and the Surface is totally stable. Is...
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    OSX on surface pro mountian lion

    Neither have I, don't ever plan to. Microsoft til death!
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    People crave Windows 8 tablets at work more than iPads

    It was pretty ridiculous. Some guy disagrees with a study that says Windows Tabs would be more accepted in an IT workplace and that people want them because they are new and shiny. I could say the exact same thing about the people wanting an iPad. In fact, the loyal followers of crapple products...
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    RT owner, I played with the Pro today at BB

    I was also surprised at the thickness and the heat (athough it wasn't burning), but didn't find it was heavy at all. I would like to trade up but I think it is better this way as the RT does almost everything I need for now. It is a beautiful product and I can only hope it does well out there to...
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    MS Offering Upgrade from RT to Pro for Difference in Price?

    Just checked out the Pro today at the Microsoft Store in Burnaby, BC. It looks and feels great but alas no trade up offer. The rep I spoke to said that if there was he would be right behind me.
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    So we will never see a battery usage app for the RT? Unless Microsoft gives us one through an update....
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    Even the electricity meter on the side of your house "consumes" energy measuring how much your house uses, that's a part of how things work. Besides its only for testing purposes and normally not running. Make one Arnie, would love to see something in the app store so I don't have to keep track...
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    What I have been waiting for and would think there should be an app for soon, is one that monitors battery performance. I have an app called battery guru for my playbook (not seeing much action these days except from the kids) which is great for monitoring battery power with respect to time and...
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    STILL no facebook and twitter official apps

    I think people get way too caught up with needing an APP for something web based. Sure if you have a phone and want to use Facebook, an APP would be great as it would be optimized for a small display. But the Surface has one of the largest displays on the market and one of the best web browsers...
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    Wireless N Performance

    My bad, I didnt read the OPs original post very carefully. I dont know what speed I am getting from my surface to my LAN at home. I am working out of town right now as well so I cant test that until the weekend. I havent tried using 2.4GHz again as the 5GHz is faster, but I recently changed...