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    Arc Touch mouse connect to SP3 without USB dongle

    Has anyone done this? I can't seem to connect the Arc Touch mouse to my SP3 without the transceiver being plugged into the USB. I have done some research now and it seems I may have the non-surface model that may not connect without the dongle, so I am assuming I would need the surface version...
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    Increase performance of Surface RT

    Hey all, Just noticed this was posted over on microsofts forum for the surface rt. Surface RT performance options-How to Speed Things Up Considerably - Microsoft Community I gave it a try (even though I wasn't complaining about any lack in speed) and wow, it seemed to make the system as...
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    Does Anyone Else Have This Issue.......?

    I love this Surface and the one thing I find myself doing when watching a movie or youtube and I have the kickstand out propping itself up (which no other device does so well!) I tend to stroke the inside of the kickstand as it feels so well built. This certainly isn't a post about the surface...

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