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  1. LA33R

    Which version of Windows did you replace with Windows 10?

    All my devices followed the upgrade chain closely. From XP onwards has always had the new OS installed on Release day. Nothing changed with Windows 10, everything was already running 8.1
  2. LA33R

    Hi All (Again)

    Okay. Hi all, again. Cut a long story short I bought a Surface RT on release date a few years ago now and didn't enjoy the experience. I signed up to these forums on the days running upto their release and spoke with members on a run up. After a botched pre-order, shipping and release in the UK...
  3. LA33R

    Thinking about returning my surface.

    Okay. I haven't been on this forum for a while but I thought I'd give an update since people were asking questions.. 1. To factory reset the surface just go to settings > general > Refresh or Re-install. 2. My surface has not been returned as I'm still waiting for a shipping label, one week...
  4. LA33R

    Thinking about returning my surface.

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about returning my surface on the simple fact that it seems... "Slow". Don't get my wrong, I love the hardware it's self and its a great toy, but the device itself is rather slow. General loading of app's takes forever compared the my mothers iPad, and don't worry, I...
  5. LA33R

    Surface or touchscreen laptop

    If you don't have a laptop, or your laptop is very old... I suggest getting a new one before a surface RT, because the RT is still only a toy, no native apps etc... If your laptop is modern I would suggest buying windows 8 for £25, an you should still have enough money for a surface if you're...
  6. LA33R

    Apps website?

    I'm afraid not, but if you make a short list in pretty sure someone on the forum will look to see if those apps are available. If not, I can look when I get home..
  7. LA33R

    Microsoft Surface Shipping - United Kingdom/Germany/France

    November 5th, I've got my new- new surface. I'm not on my second surface ha.
  8. LA33R

    What Does RT Stand For?

    Windows Real Tits
  9. LA33R

    The touch cover - One week later.

    So, how is everyone getting on with their touch covers? It has been a week now since the release of the surface and the touch cover and I think that I'm starting to get used to it, but how is everyone for touch typing? Please comment on this thread with your attempt of "The quick brown fox...
  10. LA33R

    supported software (web)

    I just used Google to search for "Nike+ Connect" and was greeted with a .exe to download and install, which will not work with Surface RT. I also checked on the app store for "Nike+" on my Surface with no luck. There are 0 results. Unless you mean the web app is some kind of flash page / web...
  11. LA33R

    Microsoft Surface Shipping - United Kingdom/Germany/France

    Just thought I'd give everyone an update. So I received my 64 GB Surface on Monday, which I noticed had slow loading times on Applications and in the menus of the 'Music' application, which I put down to software. (You can see I asked about this in a different thread) Today, 5 minutes ago, I...
  12. LA33R

    Solved Surface won't connect to Mobile Hotspot?

    I don't really know how I can help because my surface connected to my 4S flawlessly. Did you connect via WiFi hotspot, or Bluetooth/USB. mine worked using WiFi and that is the only method I tried.
  13. LA33R

    Microsoft Surface RT Drop Testing

    The screen was bound to smash, but I bet it still has great scratch resistance - although I was very happy to see the rear of the device not getting too many scratches on it, which is a bonus.
  14. LA33R

    Surface RT Unboxing Thoughts/Pics

    My thoughts are, after owning the surface for 24hrs; It's a great tablet, and pretty speedy - when the apps are open - but the apps them selves are sluggish to load. (Software Problem?) I downloaded a game called "Snook!" and was VERY choppy, practically unplayable - Again this could be a...
  15. LA33R

    Watching Movies on Surface

    I seccond the MKV stuff. We need an app for that!
  16. LA33R

    Microsoft Surface Shipping - United Kingdom/Germany/France

    I'm in Lincolnshire too, Near Scunthorpe. I wonder if we got the same Delivery Van as the guy said he has a Van full of them. Hope everyone else get's theirs sorted out soon, it's worth the wait as it really is a solid piece of kit!
  17. LA33R

    Microsoft Surface Shipping - United Kingdom/Germany/France

    Just thought I would let you know that my surface has arrived and I'm replying to this using it. It's rather nice actually but the keyboard is a little hard to get used to.
  18. LA33R

    Saving credit card info

    Usually I get placed on the US store, I change the the UK store by editing the URL to say 'en_GB', instead of 'en_US'. I guess you could have a guess at was Canada could be and try that method. 'en_CA' possibly? Good Luck.
  19. LA33R

    Microsoft Surface Shipping - United Kingdom/Germany/France

    Damn I hope you're from the UK Gary. Problem is, mine still says "In Process", and I still haven't received the shipping E-mail, hope for the best I guess... I'm still going insane waiting for it.
  20. LA33R

    The Wish List

    I wouldn't mind a docking system for it. But then again for the surface as a brand, I wouldn't mind seeing a "surface" smart phone, with the same casing and look. I'd swap my iPhone any day for that, I hate my iPhone and wish I kept my Windows Phone. :(

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