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    SP4 sudden single point back light bleed

    Well I seem to have had really bad luck. 1st surface pro had broken fan, replaced. 2nd surface pro has suddenly, out of nowhere (and is 2 weeks old roughly) developed a serious back light bleed in the exact same spot I saw someone on reddit have a week or two ago. (about a third of the way from...
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    Crackling started on my surface pro (Cooling system?)

    my surface pro is popping and crackling when being used in portrait mode( only affects it when USB is down) sounds like there is air in the liquid cooler. does anyone else have this? there is only one other person I can find online with this same issue. Hardware failure? edit: getting worse...
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    SP4 Type Cover touch pad 5mm movement deadzone

    Hi guys. I have noticed why I feel sometimes the touchpad (on an otherwise near perfect SP4 Type cover) is a little unresponsive. I must move my finger about 5 mm before it first registers movement. Once triggered, I can move my hand by less than 5 mm, and it works fine, so it's definitely not...
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    Windows Hello (boot straight to desktop?)

    Hi, sorry for multiple posts, lots of questions. Windows Hello on the sp4 works like a dream, much quicker than i imaged. Problem is, on walking from sleep i must always swipe to unlock after Windows Hello has successfully recognised me. The function works as it should do on reset (going...
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    Screen Flicker when <20% Brightness

    hey guys, my surface pro 4 arrived today, and I'm loving it. However I am having a problem with a huge amount of screen flicker. I am currently sat in bed in the dark (to not wake the wife) and naturally have brightness set low. The problem is the screen flickers randomly, and is very off...
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    SP4 i5 vs I7

    Hi Guys, after thought I am looking to get the SP4, rather than the Sbook for various reasons. The big question now is I5 or I7. the I5 has the intel HD 520 the I7 has the intel Iris 540 I have looked all over the internet but can find no benchmarks on these two chips. Does anyone have any...