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    To SB or Not To SB?

    I was really questioning about the SB hinge at the beginning. After I went back to BestBuy and played around with it some more, including pressured test around the hinge while closing. The dawn thing is very rigid and sturdily strong. With that said, I am a little less worry now. Dispike...
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    Love everything about surface book, but not the hinge!

    I currently own the SP3. I played around with surface book at BestBuy and I really like it. Like it enough to dump my SP3. I don't like the hinge design. I feel like this will break off the first few days in the backpack. The panel and keyboard are not flushed. This really prevent me from...
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    SP3 fan is always on after upgrade to Win 10.

    So, I like many folks here went ahead and upgraded SP3 to Win 10 Pro. What I noticed is: my SP3 fan is always on. It never shut off. The SP3 is running hotter then usual. Does anyone notice this? I am also running in battery safe mode. The fan is never stop?? I see no update running, no...
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    SP3 dock deal for $121 at BB.

    I just want to share this good deal with fellow SP3. I got mine last time for the same deal few months ago. It looks like they are doing this deal again. Enjoy!
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    Can anyone suggest privacy screen?

    I am looking for a good privacy screen for Surface Pro 3. I couldn't find one after doing some googleing. Anyone have any suggestion? Thanks,
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    Type cover annoyance.

    While typing on type cover, I often time rest my thumbs or palms on mouse pad and accidentally put my cursor somewhere else while typing. All sudden, I am typing in the middle of the word or replacing words. How does anyone deal with this? Can the mouse pad be disable while typing? The...
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    Surface Pro is still a really really good tablet.

    I have been using SP for months now. I am very happy with its performance. It's a little heavy compare to rest of today's tablet. I was so happy with Surface Pro tablet and I decided to get Surface Pro 3 i5 8GB/256GB. After little over a week with SP3, I returned it due to few different...
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    Wrong CPU on SP3?

    Weeks back I have heard that Microsoft been selling SP2 with an incorrect CPU by accident. I didn't read up the actual detail. According to this info: There are five different Surface Pro 3 configurations, each processor pairing with a different integrated chipset: •1.5GHz Intel Core i3...
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    My SP3 only charge one way?

    My impression was: you can charge your SP3 any way(end up or end down). My SP3 only charges when plug in with end up. It would NOT charge when end down. My SP1, I can charge it any way. Can someone check yours? If this is an issue on my SP3. I need to get it exchange. Thanks in advance...
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    Surface Pro 3 slow WiFi speed after udpate?

    I picked up my new Surface Pro 3 at local BB yesterday. I was using the SP3 for good hours. My SP3 is connected to Netgear R7000 and I got link speed around 700+mbps. I did the system update and I think it did the firmware and OS update. Now, my wifi link speed shows 6mpbs. Yes, that is...