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  1. JaeMelo

    Surface Book with Core i7, 16GB RAM keeps getting bluescreens

    I've seen this ntoskrnl.exe at least 3 times from minidumps with my colleagues. IIRC it was related to either a misbehaving driver or software package that somehow got past the UAT phase into production. I didn’t have time to narrow down the offending package so I rebuilt the machines in SCCM...
  2. JaeMelo

    Book 1 fastest WiFi type

    Hey Wayne, I can help you troubleshoot this however it may take longer going back and forth on the forums. Check your PM inbox.
  3. JaeMelo

    Surface Book 2 and Airpods

    lol^ Jesus, I wish I knew that like 6months ago. It drove me so crazy that I bought AirPods just for the laptop.
  4. JaeMelo

    AT WITS END!! re Pre Pr and Suface Book

    Sounds like a registry nightmare... You've installed so many versions of adobe products on that machine I'm not surprised you're having issues. Have you considered re-installing a fresh copy of windows and reinstalling your paid CC programs? That is the easy way out of this all assuming you...
  5. JaeMelo

    Premiere Pro users; are there any?

    I've circled in my screenshot a drop down menu. Can you please set yours to "Full" also if it isn't set to that already and report back on your findings? Edit: I just realized your Adobe Premier Pro isn't the same version as mine. Just out of curiosity what version of Premier Pro are you running?!
  6. JaeMelo

    Premiere Pro users; are there any?

    Ok give this a try: - "Right Click" anywhere on the desktop - Click on "NVIDIA Control Panel" in the context menu - In the left hand column choose "Manage 3D Settings" - Click on the "Program Settings" Tab Under 1. Select a program to customize: (Choose a program that you're experiencing...
  7. JaeMelo

    Premiere Pro users; are there any?

    I use Premier Pro without an issue but I have a Surface Book w/ Performance Base with jpgs, from my a7rii. Have you tried removing adobe PP restarting then reinstalling?! Also assuming you have a dGPU model have you set Premier pro to use the NVidia GPU instead of the integrated intel 520 from...
  8. JaeMelo

    Surface Book 2 - will you buy/upgrade?

    I'm with you down to the T... Microsoft is already showing signs of complacency like Apple and their recycled iPhone designs.
  9. JaeMelo

    Clicking sound when opening lid of my Surface Book Performance Base

    Sooo... My SB w/ PB developed the clicking hinge sound. It sucks but ehh, I'll live with it. Figured id let you know in case yours randomly starts doing the same also.
  10. JaeMelo

    Clicking sound when opening lid of my Surface Book Performance Base

    Hey sophie, judging from my lot # including yours it would seems like the hinge flaw is completely random and not so much lot # specific. My clicking SB was a 1602, however my older the 1501, and 1607 were both fine. I also received a SB w/ Performance Base which is 1711 if I recall and that...
  11. JaeMelo

    Clicking sound when opening lid of my Surface Book Performance Base

    ^Alcohol, baby oil, the blood of a virgin lamb won't do a thing for her lol. I had this exact same issue with my SB about a year ago.. Click Here My 2nd unit exhibited the same sound as yours sophie, and it drove me nuts. If you can, make a backup of all your content and return that thing asap...
  12. JaeMelo

    Overheating when using external HDMI screen.

    This post is very confusing... Are you trying to say that you're connecting your SurfaceBook to a Monitor or do you really mean a Desktop Computer as mentioned in post #4?! Sorry but if you mean the later, I cannot see the point in connecting a laptop to a desktop via a video cable to do...
  13. JaeMelo

    Performance Base for battery life

    Curious to know why'd you'd think any of the programs you listed would need or even use the nvidia GPU?! The absence of the fan/s in the base spooling up should be more than enough evidence. If you really must know though then download GPU Z. Run it while doing what ever it is you do and choose...
  14. JaeMelo

    Problems with updating and Microsoft Dock

    I was just about to say the same thing. You cannot blame the machine for your woes related to some blatantly obsolete software. It time to purchase Office 365 or simply outright purchase Office if you're not a fan of the subcription thing. I did the latter and it ran me about 120-150 USD iirc.
  15. JaeMelo

    Video Editing Issues - Premiere Pro

    no problem No problem. Could be a bit of both, but im leaning moreso towards the coding. Theres no reason why my rMBP should be performing better/smoother in premier pro with last generations APU
  16. JaeMelo

    Video Editing Issues - Premiere Pro

    See post #5
  17. JaeMelo

    Can't Detach with OneDrive for Business Running

    Not sure if that OneDrive Business beta program is the culprit but you could try restarting the service related to "SearchProtocolHost". Go to Run or press Win + R and type is the text field services.msc Scroll to the bottom till you see Windows Search and right click the service and hit...
  18. JaeMelo

    Can't Detach with OneDrive for Business Running

    Not sure if this'll work but its worth a try... Go into the NVidia Control Panel and force all the related apps to your detaching issue like (OneDrive Business, Groove, ect) to use the internal GPU only. Restart and give the detaching thing another go.
  19. JaeMelo

    Video Editing Issues - Premiere Pro

    Reduced, however like dcoplien mentioned there are other factors to take into account like for instance the codec being used like you yourself mentioned. By default the device should already be utilizing the dGPU if you own that model however forcing that specific option in the Nvidia Control...
  20. JaeMelo

    Video Editing Issues - Premiere Pro

    There is a setting in the NVIDIA control panel that you can force which'll allow the application to run smoother. I've done this for both Premier Pro and Photoshop and now there is no more lag when scrubbing or even drawing. Even did it for a few steam games and the FPS count bumped up. Incase...

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