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    Can't connect to internet since W10 upgrade

    It worked fine after install however I picked up my SP3 pro for the first time in a while and I can no longer connect to Wifi. "Windows did not detect any networking hardware" ??? On Device Manager : Network Adaptors the Marvell AVASTAR AC controller is "working properly" Driver version...
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    Just went out and brought 2 Surface pro 3 for my kids

    Mines so hot I can make pancakes on it now #sarcasm
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    Just went out and brought 2 Surface pro 3 for my kids

    So, you did your research, found issues that turned you off, then purchased anyway, got buyers remorse and returned them. Good to know.
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    Poll Do you use SP3 more as a tablet or a laptop?

    what I found with the iPad2 is I would use it for native apps but would reach for the MBA for internet browsing, I just find the screen size and resolution of safari on the iPad2 to be too cramped. I get most of the apps I use regularly on the SP3 and web browsing on the SP3 is superb. No need...
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    Microsoft Complete: Unfairly Priced outside US?

    It's what Microsoft UK refer to a repair/replacement for anything that is not covered by the standard warranty ie cracked screen. It's their terminology not mine.
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    Microsoft Complete: Unfairly Priced outside US?

    The Out Of Warranty service in the UK is £250. That is correct if you damage your device it will cost you £250 to get a refurb (not another £1100). Microsoft Complete is £150 upfront and an additional £50 deductible. Is MC worth it? Not to me but it depends on your approach to risk.
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    Solved The tablet that can replace your laptop - It is not a lie!

    The MacBook Pro and MacBook Air also throttle the CPU speed. Read the small print.
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    I bought Microsoft Complete today...

    To add a little perspective in the UK an out of warranty (oow) exchange from Microsoft is £250. So worst case scenario if you drop your SP3 it's not covered by the standard warranty, the cost of a replacement (probably a refub) is £250. Not sure how much Complete is over here. Say £150 + £50...
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    Good Morning, new owner

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum but had my SP3 sine the launch in July (I imported a i5 8gb 256gb to the UK). Loving the device so far. I'm also an MBA and iPAD2 owner, however my Apple habit has dwindled. The SP3 is my first taste of Windows 8 and I have to say I like it. I like the...