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    Surface Book Beta

    When we first got the Surface Book it felt like we were in the Alpha stage. So many problems disrupted even basic operation it was unbelievable. I was excited by the potential and loved the hardware but I was extremely nervous some of these more severe problems were not going to be fixed...
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    Solved Pen button doesn't work at all

    I'm enjoying a more stable Surface Book as the various problems I've had appear to be slowly but surely resolving themselves. However, my surface pen, which writes and erases just fine, now has a button that does nothing. Single click, double click, hold for Cortana, nothing. Anyone else have...
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    Poll Surface Book is now randomly working 100%

    Like many of you I had a lot of problems with my Surface Book on day one. The flickering screen while using edge, random BSOD (especially after detaching clipboard), display driver crashing, and---the absolute worst---the clipboard randomly not detaching. I've been using it every day since I...
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    Microsoft Edge is part of the problem.

    Like many of you I was super excited to open my Surface Book up and play with my shiny new toy, only to discover that there were errors all over the place. Specifically, I had the intel display adapter crashing problem (every few minutes) and the display color shifting problem that others have...

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